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Using custom enchanted items in battle levels enchanting. Stronger enchantments give more experience, incentivizing using few strong and useful enchantments over spamming weak enchantments for leveling.

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In vanilla, leveling enchanting is all about enchanting as many items as possible. It doesn't matter how strong or useful the enchantment is. Because of that, you will end up creating lots of weak enchantments with cheap soul gems in order to level up.

This mod adds a more natural way to level enchanting. You will passively gain enchanting experience for using custom enchanted apparel in battle. Stronger enchantments will give more experience, incentivizing you to use stronger soul gems and learn enchanting perks.
As you level up enchanting, the passive experience gain becomes lower. So in order to keep the passive experience gain high, you will need to regularly upgrade your enchanted gear when you learn new perks and can make stronger enchantments.


Compatibility and Configuration:
Only vanilla enchantments are covered.
If you have mods that add enchantments or modify vanilla enchantments, you can use the Synthesis patcher. The patcher is released as a git patcher and can be found by searching for "Passive" in the patcher list of Synthesis. Additionally, the Synthesis patcher offers configuration options, such as how fast you get experience in combat.

Why only Apparel?
Weapons already give you enchanting experience by recharging them.