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Allows bouncy CBPC physics to equipments

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This mod allows bouncy CBPC physics to equipments

One-handed Daggers, Maces, Swords, War axes and Shield
Two-handed Battleaxes, Greatswords, War hammers
Bows and Arrows, Crossbows and Bolts

support all weapons and shield

The all visible weapons are AllGUD feature

I highly recommend using AllGUD with this mod

+++++ Added physics options for all XP32 Styles in v1.3.0 +++++

Support kind of XP32 styles :

War axes
 - Reversed Axe
 - Axe on Back
One-Handed Sword
 - Sword on Back
 - Sword on Back (SWP)
 - Sword Edge Up
 - Sword on Left Hip 

 - Dagger on Back Hip
 - Dagger on Ankle 

Two-Handed Sword
 - 2H on Back (SWP)
 - 2H Edge Up at Waist 

 - Frostfall Bow
 - Reversed Bow
 - Turn Bow

 - Frostfall Crossbow

 - Frostfall Quiver
 - Frostfall Quiver (XP32)

Bolt Quiver
 - Left Hip Bolt Quiver
 - Left Hip Bolt Quiver Alt
 - Aesthetic Bolt Quiver



CBPC - v1.4.9 or newer
XPMSSE - If you're AE user, only required skeleton file so ignore requirements of XPMSSE like Racemenu and install it

Recommended mods

Simple Dual Sheath



Simple Dual Sheath
Ecotone Dual Sheath
Weapons Repositioner SE
Weapons of All GUD
All weapons and shield item mods


CBP (not CBPC)
 - CBP can't extended physics, and CBP can only be used for Breasts, butt, belly

I'm checking compatibility of other mods
if you found out which mod is not compatible with this mod, please let me know


1. Please make sure CBPC and XPMSSE installed and working

2. install this mod with Mod manager

Load order doesn't matter :)

About Performance

Have you a performance impact issue?
then i suggest you choose OnlyPlayer option or choose less options than before or look at the SKSE/Plugins/CBPCSystem.ini file


Support XPMSSE Weapon styles as possible
Looking for support misc items physics on other mod like AllGUD or Wearable Lanterns or etc...


Thanks to Shizof for developing and supporting CBPC