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This mods adds a brain-computer interface (BCI) to Skyrim VR which makes your ingame magic power dependent on your real mental powers.

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You now actually need to learn magic. You, the player, need to learn to focus and be able to channel your mental power into the

If you have a Muse 2 or a Muse S meditation device you can connect it with a Bluetooth BLED112 dongle (only a BLED112 dongle will work, no regular dongles! I use this one). The Muse S should fit a little better and more comfortably under the VR headset.

I am a neuroscientist working at Technische Universität Berlin in the department of Biological Psychology and Neuroergonomics, and my research is based on electroencephalography (EEG) in VR. The goal is to measure the human brain in its natural habitat - doing things inside the world, not sitting still staring at a screen. As I am also an enthusiastic VR player and part of the Skyrim VR community, the idea of a BCI-based mod came up, and Real Virtual Magic was born.

The mod in its current state will completely replace the magicka system and allow you to cast spells limitless. However, the damage you do with these spells will be dependent on your own mental powers, so if your mental power is at 0 you won't do damage, and if it is full, you will do double damage. This is just a super early alpha version to get the mod out there and it is definitely subject to change. The gameplay options depend a lot on how well the BCI device works and this will have to be investigated.
In order to learn more about the BCI, which algorithms are effective and which are not, etc. I need testers! If you have a Muse 2 or a Muse S, you can install the mod and record your own data while you play. And if you want, you can share that data with me so I can learn more about how to make this mod work better. Of course, you have full control over your data, nothing is uploaded automatically, just files are created on your disk. The source code of the mod is provided here so you can see I don't do anything fishy with your brain data!

Your data is safe! Everything happens locally on your PC, no data is streamed or uploaded! You can share the recorded data files if you choose so, but if you do not upload it, nobody will ever be able to get it!


Join my VR-neuroscience discord server to ask questions, hear opinions of other users, chat, and keep up-to-date with any new developments!



How it works:
The data is being read using Brainflow, a library intended to obtain, parse and analyze EEG, EMG, ECG and other kinds of data from biosensors. Here it is difficult to continue with exact information because I am experimenting all the time and trying out new processing options. Currently (v0.0.3) I use the mean alpha/theta ratio of all channels and have some clamping of that value. Added is a bit of processing using the motion sensors of the Muse because the readings get inaccurate if you move your head and there's a little bonus if you keep your head still. This is then taken in a history of values of the past and a weighted average is computed, with older values weighted less. That's the final "brain power" that comes out of the mod as a value between 0 and 1, and this subsequently scales the magicka bar as well as the spell power.

Install the RealVirtualMagic.7z like any regular mod, I recommend using MO2 or Vortex. Unzip the RealVirtualMagic_Libraries.7z manually into your base game folder (these are necessary to connect with the BCI). The libraries need to be installed manually.

Remove all files. No trace will be left in your save or anywhere else on your PC or somewhere else in the world. If you had sent data to me, you can always tell me to delete it and I will. Your data is yours.