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Adds three brand new wearable lanterns

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1.7 tweaks the light effect's position 
Thank you to StarShowMaster for the helping me out with this! 

This mod adds three new wearable lanterns to the game, mainly inspired by games like Dragons Dogma and Bloodborne.
My main goal was to provide a sort of Vanilla+ style of lantern to the game.


The lanterns emit light as long as you have them equipped. Lanterns are both crafted at the forge with fitting recipes.
The light effect is simply a custom enchantment that adds a constant light source to the lantern. Lanterns can be used by the player and NPCs. The lanterns feature male and female models, and include functioning ground models. Textures are 2k resolution.

Everything in the mod was created by me. I used Blender, Outfit Studio, Nifskope, Substance painter 2020 and GIMP. 

Incompatible with Face Lights, or mods that add lights sources to weapons and spells. 

Iron Lantern
Crafted at the forge with 2 Iron ingots, 1 Linen wrap, and 1 Fire Salts. Emits a warm color light

Magic Lantern :
Crafted at the forge with 2 Corundum Ingots, 1 Filled Common Soul Gem and 1 Glow Dust. Emits a cold colorlight

Alchemist's Lantern
Crafted at the forge with 2 Silver ingots, 1 Taproot and 1 Hanging Moss. Emits a Soft Green Light