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Replaces Amren's Family Sword with Billyro's beautiful model, with a few tweaks. Comes in vanilla and LOTD versions, both ESP-FE.

Permissions and credits
A full replacer for Amren's Family Sword, an item you can recover by doing his quest. In the vanilla game, it's a regular Iron Sword, but this mod replaces that with the beautiful Alik'r Dragontail Scimitar by Billyro. I also took the liberty to make a few changes and additions, which you can read below.


  • The replacer is a full package; the original mod's not required, but please go download and endorse it to support!
  • Changes its material from Iron to Steel, so Amren actually equips over his steel sword it when he receives the sword.
  • Same stats as vanilla Scimitars, with some values and keywords from Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes (mod not required)
  • Adds a tempering recipe (Steel Ingot required)
  • LOTD version available, which contains all of the above + replica temper recipe, replica's crafting material tweaks, and display model


  • Choose only ONE of the main files
  • Install with your preferred mod manager. Even if you completed the quest, the mod will still work and replace the model.
  • Install Billyro's 4K textures if you want higher resolution


  • Not compatible with mods that change Amren's Family Sword. I have no plans to make patches for other such mods.
  • Redundant if you use Billyro's original mod, unless you want both swords to exist together.

billyro for the amazing sword & open permissions