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Patches for Books of Skyrim, Immersive Speech Dialogues, Moon and Star (Immersion Plugin), Save the Icerunner, Quest NPCs Run, Wintersun.

Permissions and credits
Thank you to agd25 for At Your Own Pace, DanielCoffey for Book Covers of Skyrim, anbeegod for Immersive Speech Dialogues, GanXingba for Moon and Star, Parapets for Save the Icerunner - Lights Out Alternate Routes, Dispensation for Quest NPCs Run, EnaiSiaion for Wintersun Faiths of Skyrim, and rubenvd7 for Skyrim Realistic Conquering - All In One.

These are some small patches to solve conflicts with the plugins in AYOP and some other mods in my load order. 

AYOP Main ESP and Books of Skyrim - Gives one note that AYOP edits the intended appearance from BoS.

AYOP Main and Immersive Speech Dialogues - Patches a dialogue line edited by both mods.

AYOP Main and Moon and Star (Immersion Plugin) - The immersion plugin from Moon and Star makes it so that you can only do the quest once you become Dragonborn, and because of this both mods edit MQ105 Way of the Voice.

AYOP Misc and Save the Icerunner - AYOP edits Jaree by adding a condition that he only addresses your character if you have stolen items before, and it also makes him say the line once. This patch combines those edits with those made by Save the Icerunner.

AYOP Thieves Guild and Quest NPCs Run - Both mods edit some packages given to Karliah. This patch combines those edits.

AYOP Thieves Guild and Wintersun - Both mods edit TG09 Darkness Returns and this patch combines those edits.

They also conlicted with two other mods in my game but these were better resolved by load order. If you use Bards Reborn Student of Song Become a Bard Expansion with Bard Spells, load it after AYOP to give it priority. If you use Misc Dialogue Edits, load it before AYOP to give AYOP priority.

The patches are flagged as ESL and won't count towards your load order limit.