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The Enigmatic Tower is a dynamic player home that changes as the player progresses. Complete a short quest to a Nordic ruin to acquire the component necessary to summon the island on which the tower is situated. The Tower contains all the amenities players have become accustomed to in a home, and much more...

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The player can obtain a book detailing a ritual to summon an island mage tower by either finding it in Farengar's lab in Dragonsreach, or having it delivered to them by courier after level 5.  The quest will take the player to the Nordic ruin of Morskygge, where an item needed for the ritual is buried with trusted servant of a dragon which once controlled part of Skyrim.  In order to access the servant's resting place, the player will have to solve a puzzle to acquire the Dragon Claw necessary to open the puzzle door.  Once summoned, The Enigmatic Tower is located in lake Ilinalta. 

  • 12 Shrine Options: 9 Divine and 3 Daedric
  • All Standing Stones
  • All Crafting Stations
  • Magical Lift: Fully operational lift to travel between tower floors. 
  • Tower Registry: A book in the main hall that controls banner themes and lighting options, lets you view tower ranks, and recruit hirelings. 

  • 4 Banner Themes: Psijic Order, Mages College of Winterhold, Order of the Black Worm, Hermaeus Mora

  • 6 Lighting Options: Arcane, Arcane (Bright), Traditional, Traditional (Bright), Green, Green (Bright)

  • Tower Ranks: As you add trophies to displays, you gain Equipment, Valuable, and Book Ranks.  At each rank, items of that type will appear in the tower.  For example, as you increase in equipment rank, mage staves, weapons, and armor will appear in the tower.  
  • Treasure Room: The fourth floor of the tower is the treasure room.  As you fill displays in the room and elsewhere in the tower, gold coins will begin to fill the room.  Just a few scattered coins at first, but eventually it turns into mounds of gold.

  • Tower Gardens: A painting in the main hall leads to the tower gardens, a pocket dimension.  In the gardens you will find the main bedroom, children's bedroom, follower's bedroom, and several displays. 

  • Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions ready: Beds for 6 children.
  • Teleportation Paintings: The tower contains paintings of all 9 holds.  They can be used to teleport to the corresponding location seen in the painting. 
  • Hirelings: For 1000 gold you can hire a Sage, who acts as a spell merchant. 
  • Tower Recall Spell: Tome located in the 5th floor study.  Recall brings you to the tower roof.  You then have an option to teleport back to the recall point.
  • Displays: 
    All Daedric Artifacts
All Divine Amulets

All Dragon Priest Masks
All Thieves Guild Collectibles
Auriel's Bow and Shield
All Dragon Claws
Crown of Barenziah
All Elder Scrolls
Aetherial Crown/Shield/Staff
All Black Books
All Hold Shields
Nightingale Blade and Bow
Harkon's Sword
Staff of Magnus
Black Bow of Fate
Bloodskal Blade
Red Eagle's Bane
Champion's Cudgel
Dawnguard Rune Hammer and Axe
Ahzidal's Armor, Gauntlets, Boots, Helm, Rings of Arcana and Necromancy
Miraak's Sword and Staff
Blade of Woe
Gauldur Blackbow and Blackblade
Staff of Jyrik Gauldurson
Okin and Eduj
Muriri's Ring
Ring of Pure Mixtures
Spider Control Rod
Savos Aren's Amulet
Gauldur Amulet
Necromancer's Amulet
Enchanted Ring
Bonehawk Ring
Nightweaver's Band
Dragon Burial Map
Cyrodilic Brandy
Kyne's Token
Dragonfly, Bee, Moth, Torchbug, and Butterfly in a jar
53 Rare Book Displays
And More... (that I couldn't remember)

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