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Kalilies Brows for High Poly Head. Patch for males available.

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Skyrim LE | Skyrim SE

  • Kalilies Brows (along with any other brow mod) are semi-compatible with High Poly Head - No, your game will not crash if you do not install this mod, brows will just look a little off.

  • This mod is especially helpful for those who are creating/editing NPCs and need the eyebrows to look right when exported.

  • This mod adds a separate set of brows (for compatibility) and includes a tweaked mesh to make certain eyebrows work.


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[LE Link | SE Link] Kalilies Brows for High Poly Head

  • Install Kalilies Brows
  • Install this mod normally with your preferred mod manager
  • That's it.

  • Compatible with both Special Edition and Anniversary Edition

  • There's nothing here...


High Poly Head by KouLeifoh
Kalilies Brows by Kalilies
NifSkope and the team behind it
Bodyslide and Outfit Studio by ousnius, Caliente, and others
Blender and the team behind it
Cathedral Assets Optimizer by and the team behind it