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Makes these animations faster: Werewolf and Vampire feeding, Howling and transformation. Horse dismount and jump. Cart Travel, Tanning, Blacksmith, Smelter, Anvil, Alchemy, Cooking, Enchantment Enter and Exit animations

Permissions and credits
This mod skips most crafting and feeding animations. This is the full list:

-Instant Werewolf feeding, Howling and transformation (Often saved my life)
-Instant Vampire feeding and transformation
-Instant Horse Dismount and Jump(No more delay) WARNING: Don't spam the Space bar because you could float for a moment(It's not really a problem except when you are on a big mountain)
-Instant Cart Travel Enter and Exit animations
-Instant [Tanning, Blacksmith, Smelter, Anvil, Alchemy, Cooking, Enchantment] Enter and Exit animations
-Faster Cannibal animations (ability from Namira's ring artifact) -Optional-

Use a mod manager like NMM or install it manually by putting the meshes folder from the archive in your Data folder. Yes to overwriting.

I will not create anymore animations because I don't know how to mod these other than skipping half of them by erasing its data with notepad++.

It took a day to try the interesting animations. I only uploaded the ones that doesn't break the camera and movements like weapon ones.
This mod is completely safe to install and uninstall, it will never Corrupt/Break your game or saves.
If your character does the T or Arrow pose and stays stuck like that, just uninstall the mod. It will most probably not happen though.

tktk for the original faster transform idea
Kacemus for the original instant faster horse dismount idea

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