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Vastly improved dual casting, smoother spell aiming, spell effect size scales based on magicka percentage, and additional options for aiming spells in VR

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This mod currently does 4 things:

1. Improved dual casting.

The dual-casting spell effect is moved in between your hands while dual-casting, instead of being stuck to your offhand in the base game. The effect is also scaled up in size based on how far your hands are from each other - the farther apart, the larger the effect. The effects from each hand come together and merge when you start dual-casting, and then separate back to each hand when you finish dual-casting.

In addition, aiming a dual-casted spell is now done by combining the direction of both hands, instead of just using the offhand to aim. You can now fine-tune your aim by moving either hand, and in general dual casting should feel much better.

Min/max spell scale while dual casting and the between-hand distance over which to scale them can be adjusted in this mod's ini file. You can also choose whether to use both hands to aim dual-casted spells, or choose a specific hand to aim them instead.

2. In-hand spell effects scale based on your current magicka percentage

You can now immersively get a general idea of how much magicka you have remaining, just by the size of the particle effects in your hands. This updates in real time, even while casting spells. Spell damage / etc. is unaffected, this is purely visual.

Min/max spell scale can be adjusted in this mod's ini file.

3. Spell aiming (the spell direction and crosshair positioning) is smoothed depending on the spell level (Novice, Apprentice, Adept, Expert, Master).

This should make aiming spells at longer ranges easier, as well as make higher level spells feel "weightier", especially Master spells, which have a significant amount of smoothing compared to all other levels. Smoothing is also increased slightly while dual casting, to make dual casting feel a bit more weighty compared to regular casting.

Smoothing amounts for each spell level, as well as the increase while dual-casting, can be adjusted in the ini file.

4. You can now edit the yaw/roll of spell aiming instead of just being able to edit the pitch as in the base game. This means that if you want to, you can now aim spells with your palm instead of the more gun-like aiming of the base game.

The base game's ini provides a single option, fMagicRotationPitch, to edit the pitch. This mod's ini file provides┬áMagicRotationYaw and ´╗┐MagicRotationRoll to also adjust the yaw/roll.

This mod consists of two files, a .dll and a .ini file. Both files end up your skyrim's Data\SKSE\Plugins folder. The ini file is called misvr.ini.

If you would like to support future development, consider supporting me on patreon.

Big thanks to Cangar for the video!

Source can be found here´╗┐