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Cleaned textures of Wintersun with optional files for better quality. Properly cleaned textures lets Skyrim use less memory loading it so means more FPS for you!!!!!

Last Enai Siaion mod for the week but will do more since I just need to make the optional files and preview pics.

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For over 6 months I have been cleaning textures of mods I use because of Kartoffel's information stating that cleaned and properly compressed Skyrim textures use less memory loading it in, so it means more FPS in Skyrim which I need because this gaming pc is old and need new parts sometime which I can not afford at this time.

Did over 20 mods and growing though most of them are personal use so had the greatest thought of asking the mod authors who created the mods if I can upload the cleaned textures from their mods here for those who want more detail and more FPS. Ironically got permission from quite a bit of modders so expect lot of Cleaned textures from me!

My way is slightly different from Kartoffel's cleaning and upscaling way. They use models/files to make the textures higher in quality which changes the original texture slightly. What I do is clean and upscale the texture with the normal upscale model so it retains the original texture but is slightly smoother yet a tad bit higher quality.

Love Kartoffel's work but me using tons of different models and choosing from thousands of different textures to use it on is a bit too much for me.

Because I do it this way I can do the texturing process faster.

To use this mod of course you need Wintersun - Faiths of Skyrim

This version comes with a BSA so if you want to save space download the BSA and go into the files of Wintersun and delete the texture BSA then replace it with the BSA with cleaned textures.

No preview pictures of cleaned spells since a lot of the nif meshes I found that involved spells used textures from Skyrim so kinda difficult to go through hundreds of Nif's to find few spell meshes that use the textures. If anyone wants to share screenshots of spells ingame using these textures then share them on this page, please.

Comes with 2k version which textures are 2048 or under.

2X is all textures are increased by twice the normal size with twice the quality.

4x is same as 2x but its four times everything.

More cleaned and upscaled textures on the way!!!!

As of now all Gradients and Effects will always be the cleaned textures and never upscaled due to bad resolution when upscaled.

Enai Siaion for creating Wintersun mod.

ptrsuder; IEU
alsa, LyonHrt,twittman; models 
G_k; Cathedral Assets Optimizer

Kartoffel for the guide on how to clean