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ShikyoKira and OsmosisWrench

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Fixes several bugs with The Ultimate Dodge Mod (TUDM) by ShikyoKira.

Permissions and credits
Requires The Ultimate Dodge Mod

This mod fixes several script bugs with TUDM:
  • The mod now works straight away on a new save, you no longer need to hit G twice to get it working.
  • Form transformations (Werewolf / Vampire Lord etc.) no longer require you to hit G after transforming back.
  • Stamina cost for dodges is now calculated correctly before the first save/load.
  • The crosshair no longer disappears forever after sneaking. (Special thanks to MrNeverLost for the assistance.)
  • You no longer start sneaking while in menu's, swimming, mounted or transformed.
  • You no longer use twice as much stamina as you should when using sidestep dodge in first person. (NEW)
Along with other minor changes and optimizations.

Soft requirement of ConsoleUtil, you don't need it but I've moved a few of the more spammy notifications to console messages to make things a bit more bearable. If you don't have it, you just won't see the messages.

Mod Support:
Crouch Sliding - By NickaNak (Install their TUDM Patch, but have TUDM - Fixes overwrite it. You only need the ESP from the patch.)
Alternate Perspective - Prologue Retold - By Scrabx3 (Install their TUDM Patch, but have TUDM - Fixes overwrite it. You only need the ESP from the patch.)

Reporting Issues:
If you know of any bugs with TUDM that I've not addressed with this patch please let me know.
If you experience any bugs with TUDM - Script Fixes please let me know.
If you are unable to get TUDM or TUDM - Script Fixes to work, please do not let me know. Instead check the pinned comment where I've provided links to useful videos for you.

Install TUDM - Script Fixes so that it wins conflicts with TUDM. For MO2, this means have it lower on the left panel, for Vortex have it win all conflicts with TUDM.

I do not recommend updating mods mid save. If you are already using TUDM and want to use these fixes, then a clean save procedure with ReSaver should do the trick. If you don't know how to do this already, google will help you and I will not.

Q: I can't get Crouch Sliding support to work.
A: Load order should be as follows:
Crouch Sliding
Crouch Sliding TUDM Patch
TUDM - Script Fixes
Make sure that TUDM has a larger priority number than Crouch Sliding in Nemesis. So if TUDM is 10, Crouch Sliding should be 9.

Other TUDM patches & fixes:
The Ultimate Dodge Mod - Synthesis Patcher

The Ultimate Dodge Mod Reanimated
Mo's TUDM Patch Collection

This patch is under the GPLv3 License, the same as TUDM itself. Feel free to improve, expand or change this however you wish; provided you respect the existing license.