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Crouch Sliding and Slide Tackling

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Crouch Sliding
A behaviour mod that allows you to crouch slide and slide tackle people

Video by JDM

Adds in a crouch slide, when you're sprinting press your sneak key to perform a crouch slide, this gives you i-frames and(optionally) will cause surrounding NPC's to ragdoll away from you
You can toggle the ragdolling on and off via a spell that is added to your character automatically, as I can understand why people wouldn't want that

It works in first person, although first person is a bit iffy, sometimes the animations don't play, sometimes you get double slide audio, and with certain combos of items you get a slight boost, I'm not looking to fix these issues as they're not game breaking or cause any major issue, the first person behaviour files are complete bonkers


Steps for Installing
1) Download and install Nemesis(Off Site Link)
2) Download and install this mod
3) Run Nemesis and tick "Crouch Sliding" in the list of patches
4) With your patches selected, click "Update Engine" wait for that to finish then click on "Launch Nemesis Behavior Engine" wait for that to finish

Steps for Uninstalling
1) Save the close the game
2) Uninstall in your preferred mod manager
3) Run Nemesis and click "Update Engine" wait for that to finish then click on "Launch Nemesis Behavior Engine" wait for that to finish


Like all modern behaviour mods, it's not compatible with FNIS

Enbs can make the slide dust brightly coloured/cartoony, I've made a version of the FX that is a bit toned down

This doesn't replace the vanilla sneak roll, it works alongside it

DAR is compatible but due to DAR's caching system, you wont be able to crouch slide after loading a save for a few seconds, nothing I can do about that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

SkySA, 360 Behaviour, Jump Behaviour overhaul, Movement Behaviour overhaul, Ultimate combat are all compatible out the box just make sure the SprintSlide.esp(this mod) is below the other mods esp

The Ultimate Dodge mod, I've included a patch in the optional files download, just make sure the SprintSlideUltDodge.esp(the compatibility patch) is below The Ultimate Dodge mod's esp

CGO, while nothing game breaking happens this mod is not compatible with the Sneak key dodge roll in CGO for obvious reasons, it's compatible with the hotkey dodge though