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Changes the appearance of a gorilla using a staff to a human form.

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Changes the appearance of a gorilla using a staff to a human form.

changing animation
- Staff only
- Staff(R), Spell(L)
- Staff(L), Spell(R)
- Staff, Sword
- Staff, Shield
- Dual Staff

idle, walk, run, sprint, block.. etc..

The mechanics of organizing staff animations in a game called Skyrim are pretty stupid.
So I tried my best to make it, but it may not work perfectly.

In particular, when a staff + spell is combined, one arm becomes a mannequin,
so the hand position of the sprint animation cannot be correct.

This is still an early version and there is room for improvement.

But don't worry too much, as shown in the video above, it works just fine.

Actually, I didn't want to upload it to the Nexus,

but I decided to upload it because there were no proper staff animations for the past 10 years.


Required precedence mode

Dynamic Animation Replacer / by Felisky384

Smooth Magic Casting Animation / by Smooth

Disable Turn Animation


Recommended mode

Optimized for 360-degree moving environments with "360 movement behavior" or "True Directional Movement".

But it doesn't matter if you don't use those mods.