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Very simple mount management mod. It uses one hotkey to do the following:
Access mount's inventory,
Make your mount Follow you or Wait,
Teleport your mount closer to you,
Rename your mount.

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Preface (You don't need to read this)

So, yeah, there are a lot of horse mods on Nexus, from simple ones to really complex ones.
The simple ones didn't do what I wanted and the complex ones often require patches and are either script or feature creeps. Adding quests to learn basic commands, bloating your spell list with command spells or requiring you to have a post-it to remind you what key does what.

I didn't need any of that, most (if not all) follower frameworks already handle them riding horses, and the most popular follower mods already come with their own horses. All I needed were 2 things, access the saddlebag on my horse and being able to command it to wait or follow.

So I thought "Fine, I'll do it myself", and so I did. 


This mod aims to be an intuitive and unobtrussive way to manage your mounts, but also aims to be very lightweight and compatible. 


This mod uses one hotkey (H by default) for everything horses/mounts.

  • If you aim at one of your horses and press the hotkey it will open its saddlebag.
  • If you press the hotkey while aiming elsewhere it will command your horse to wait or to follow.

That's basically it, what you will use the most, and probably the only thing you need to know to enjoy the mod.

But there is another set of features if you hold the hotkey for a second before releasing it. These features you'll rarely use, but they might come in handy either for convenience or RP purpouses.

  • You can hold the hotkey to teleport your horse closer to you.
  • If you hold the hotkey while looking at a horse you own, you'll be able to rename said horse.

Passive Features 

These features will happen automatically, you don't need to worry about them, nor even know of them.

  • When commanded to wait, horses will stay where they are and won't fast travel if you do (you can still ask them to follow or teleport them).
  • Horses will equip saddles placed in their inventories.

Optional Features (Can be changed in the MCM)

These are features you might use once or twice in a playthrough, or maybe never use at all.

  • Remap the hotkey.
  • Set your horses as Protected (can only be killed by you).
  • Set your horses Confidence and Aggressiveness.
  • Make your current horse completely ignore combat.

These settings will be saved across all your saves thanks to MCM Helper.

Hard Requirements
Spell Perk Item Distributor (SPID) to distribute required keywords and factions to mounts.
MCM Helper to access the MCM features.

Optional Requirements
powerofthree's Papyrus Extender and Keyword Item Distributor (KID) Optional if you want horses to auto-equip given saddles.

Install like any other mod, no extra steps required.

The changes to the horse records this mod does are only to give unique names to said horses/breeds, they can be safely overriden.
It should work with any mount mod. Tested with CC Wild Horses and Guar mount from Morrowind Creatures SE
It should work with any horse model and texture replacers.
Compatible with Oblivion Horses
Compatible with Craftable Horse Barding
Compatible with Equestrian - An SC Horses Overhaul
Compatible with Witcher Horse Expansion (place this mod's plugin before WHE's)

Recommended Mods
Better Third Person Selection - BTPS
Faster Horse Dismount SSE (with optional Faster Mounting)
Horses for Followers
Animated Whistling
Simple Claim Horse

Future Plans

Make horses equip craftable saddles.
Add option to change horse confidence and aggressiveness.
Add whistle sound when toggling follow/wait and teleport.
Make an optional version without MCM Helper.