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Adds horses at any stable that you can buy for your follower and let them follow you on. Alternatively, ask your follower to take you somewhere!

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This is a tweaked SSE port of the Horses for Followers mod by Jorne. It is intended for people playing without any of the big follower or horse overhauls (such as Nether's Follower Framework or Convenient Horses).

  • All vanilla stables have a second horse for sale that you can buy from them when you have a follower.
  • When you mount up, your follower will do so also, and their horse will follow yours.
  • You can tell your follower to "ride ahead" to any of the hold capitals.
  • Dismount from your own horse to end the "ride ahead" feature, or draw your weapon to pause it.
  • If you'd prefer to disable the ride ahead feature entirely, simply enter the following command in the console:´╗┐set hff_FollowerRideAheadEnabled to 0

  • The long string of notifications on first startup has been removed.
  • The Bill of Sale has been completely removed. It felt too... "modded" for my taste, and most of its features were deemed unnecessary.
  • The Ledger has been removed - talk to the NPC.
  • Follower horses can no longer be sold - player horses can't, so it felt fitting.
  • Followers can now Ride Ahead to Winterhold.
  • Follower horses can now be bought from Riften and from Arivanya if she isn't killed during Blood on the Ice, but Ulundil died for any reason.
  • All dialogue is now voiced, including follower responses when asking to ride ahead.
  • Several bugs which caused followers to be left behind or their horses to appear in incorrect places have been fixed or worked around. This includes traveling to walled cities while the follower is not mounted (horse returns to stable), fast traveling while the follower is mounted but the player isn't (horse and follower are separated and teleported to the player, if appropriate), and fast traveling to an exterior when the follower is not or has never ridden their horse (horse will be teleported to the player).
  • If the follower's horse is too far for the NPC to locate it and the player mounts a horse, the follower's horse will be teleported nearby.
  • Most of the mod's scripts have been re-written for simplicity: there's no longer an unique script for every single Ostler, nor for every possible Ride Ahead location and route option.


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Thanks to Jorne for the original Horses for Followers mod.