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14 new sit-on-the-ground/meditation animations that will play at random for you and the NPCS thanks to DAR.

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What does this mod do?
- Each time a character (player or NPC) sits either on the ground, on a cliff or meditates, there's a chance one of the new animations will play. This translates in a more lively world, as you will not see the same vanilla animation again and again.

What is required?
- This mod is made to be used with DAR animation replacer, so it does not include any .esp files. Only requirement is DAR.
DAR folders in this mod range from 60001 to 60008. Feel free to change them if they clash with another mod (but I don't think they do).

Update 2023: You can alternatively use the mod with OAR.

How many sitting/meditating animations are included?
- 14 new animations. 13 of them are unisex, one of them is female only. Both NPCs and the player will use the new animations. Some of the animations are very distinct, others are just variations of the same animation. (So instead of having the hands on your lap, your character will lean on the ground with their hands, position them differently, etc.)

Where will I see these animations?
- NPCs perform them all the time, it's part of their idles. For example, Caravan Khajiits, Hunters near a fire, NPCs near cliffs or platforms... You will see them organically throughout the world. Depending on your mods, you might see them on your player too. For example, you can sit by the fire when using Campfire, or whenever you want in the latest Immersive Interactions update. For a similar mod covering chairs, check out Pretty Sit Idles by DualSun. I use some of those animations in my personal setup via DAR, but only the ones that are unisex and not too out of place. Learning to use DAR is a very powerful tool for modders and quite simple to understand, feel free to give it a try yourself!

Only the beginning of the video is relevant to see how these look
Immersive Interactions is NOT required for the replacers

How can I sit when I want to, like in the video?
- That's Immersive Interactions - Animated Actions at work! The latest update allows you to sit down when pressing the wait key (T). However, I know of an alternative great mod that includes something similar, if you think Immersive Interactions is too big: Simply Rest (or Sleep) Anywhere by comfortzone.

Any other comments?
- Yes, I completely missed the opportunity of calling this Sitting on Skyrim, please forgive me wSkeever :(

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