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Another version of Delphine, based loosely from Kate Winslet's Mare of Easttown. She's high poly, ESL flagged, and full of default attitude.

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~ Real Delphine ~

*** This version is now included in my newest mod, and thus will no longer be supported ***

I've redone Delphine the way I've always wanted to make her (almost, at least). She is not young, but she is not decrepit. She is capable, determined, but tired, and concerned about this whole dragonborn business. I've loosely based her off of Kate Winslet's character in Mare of Easttown. 

She uses default skin texture paths, which means she will use whatever skin mod you have installed, and her complexion is set to BretonFemaleAge50. I have changed her weight to 100 from 50, so if you install her mid-game it's likely you will see a neck gap; click on her in the console, type setnpcweight 100. At that point she'll have a black face, just save and reload and that should fix it. Or, just ignore the neck seam. She's designed for Expressive Facial Animations although she does not require it. She is ESL flagged and won't take up a slot in your load order. 

I HIGHLY recommend visiting DDS Workshop for Skin, Eyes, and Teeth and consider becoming a patron. Her ALT2 skin mod is what I am using for these photos and in my own personal game, where you can give every race different texture maps. It makes such a big difference in your game! 

At request, I have included my racemenu preset file for her, however I cannot guarantee that it will turn out exactly like this (or, even a little like this). Because of the way racemenu works and because of how my own personal mod structure is set up, formIDs will probably be different and you will probably have the wrong hair and brows loaded, at least. I can tell you that the hair is Revere, and the eyebrows are 02.  You will need these mods at minimum in order to make it work: High Poly Head, Expressive Facegen Morphs, Lamenthia's Marks of Beauty, KS Hair, and ALT1 Facial hair available at 

Please feel free to upload your photos of her!

If you feel compelled to donate to help support my work, here is my Kofi link: eeekie's Kofi


It's never my intention to take credit for other's work, so if I have missed anything in the credits, please let me know and I will fix it right away!
Please visit and endorse their individual pages!

Thank you to all:
Vector Plexus High Poly Head and Expressive Facegen Morphs which gives character creation so many more subtle options for an even greater variety of looks.
The Eyes of Beauty SSE - another amazing eye mod - thank you to docteure and LogRaam for the original work!
khisartin at DDS Workshop for teeth, brows, mouth, skin, eyes, literally everything amazing. 
Lamenthia's Marks of Beauty for really beautifully done face details; freckles, birthmarks, dark circles. 
Female Makeup Suite Thank you to domainwolf for the best makeup suite on the Nexus. 
SC- KS Hairdos Retextured - ShinglesCat really outdid herself here. This is a must-have.
KS Hairdos SSE - Thank you to Kalilies for making such an incredible hair mod!