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Increases jailtime with maximum at 100 days instead of 7, balanced around 40 days for murder with versions for vanilla, Crime Overhaul and SkyRem Eve.

Permissions and credits

This mod changes two gamesettings that define your jailtime. Your jail time is calculated as your bounty in this hold / iCrimeDaysInPrisonMod and then capped at iCrimeMaxNumberofDaysinJail days. iCrimeDaysInPrisonMod can be understood as bounty per 1 day in jail, iCrimeMaxNumberofDaysinJail is the maximum jailtime.

Vanilla values are iCrimeMaxNumberofDaysinJail = 7 days and iCrimeDaysInPrisonMod is 100, so it's quite good on low bounties but capped at bounty 700, even before the vanilla murder bounty at 1000, and your maximum jail time is 7 days.

This mod sets iCrimeMaxNumberofDaysinJail to 100 days and sets iCrimeDaysInPrisonMod so a single murder bounty will cost you 40 days. The last thing depends on the murder bounty itself so i made versions for vanilla, Crime Overhaul and SkyRem Eve (with SkyRem Eve in some holds the bounty is bigger and you get 60 days). With these settings the jailtime scales better, i.e. jail time for multiple murders is bigger than for a single one, unlike vanilla, and so on.

Why not a few years? There are reasons:
  • The longer the jailtime, the longer the loading screen after it. 100 days take 1 minute for me (my Skyrim is on HDD atm) and it proportionally increases further.
  • Your character doesn't get older
  • Alduin doesn't wait
  • It just works

Crime Overhaul Fixes
is required for the Crime Overhaul version because without it Crime Overhaul doesn't change bounties even though its page says so.
If you use both Crime Overhaul and SkyRem Eve, pick SkyRem Eve version (since Eve completely overwrites Crime Overhaul bounties with faction-specific bounties).
This mod doesn't actually need to be placed after Crime Overhaul or SkyRem Eve and doesn't require them.


It only conflicts with mods that change the same two game settings.

It doesn't conflict with mods that change bounties but you should use version for your mod if you want jailtime to scale as i designed (the maximum time will work anyway). If there's no version for your mod, you can use version for a mod that has same/closest murder bounty.