Skyrim Special Edition
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An update and bugfix for Crime Overhaul: added support for Solstheim, added back gamesettings lost after porting, unvoiced dialogues made voiced, fixed a wrong dialogue condition.

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This is an update and bugfix for Crime Overhaul. The original mod is required.

1. Crime Overhaul wasn't fully working on Solstheim. Solstheim guards use their own dialogues, which weren't changed by the original mod. I made the same changes to these dialogues. Also. the Solstheim location and crimefaction have been added to CrimeOverhaulJailQuest script.
2. Some changed gamesettings (related to crime bounties) were lost from the original mod after porting via Creation Kit, I added them back.
3. Some Crime Overhaul guard dialogues were using text same as vanilla dialogues but were unvoiced since they're technically different dialogues that Crime Overhaul doesn't provide voice files for. I made them voiced using Response Data.
4. Fixed an incorrect condition on a dialogue info AD7FE (this dialogue is only for female player). It was different from the same dialogue for male player and was never used due to conflicting conditions.

Don't patch Crime Overhaul for USSEP, except for dialogues text if you want. It's already compatible, doing what would make all green will actually break it.