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Overhauls appearance of NPCs in the mod "GLENMORIL". No esp.

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Overhauls appearance of NPCs in the mod "GLENMORIL". No esp.

The models will use the skin that you have installed.
I'm using (on screenshots) - Bijin Skin for females and Tempered Skins for Males.

The things that are in the mod: mesh geometry, hair, textures for eyes, brows, tintmasks.
I use base of NPCs from another mods like Pandorable NPCs, Bijin NPCs and edit them look closer to original character from Glenmoril.
Children NPCs are based on presets by trzcinaj from Skyrim LE.




Install with preferred Mod Manager or manually drop files into Data folder.


It could be uninstalled safely. 
It won't break anything.


Mods that add hairlines to vanilla hair or change vanilla hair.
If you use mods like Shiva Hair Replacer or Vanilla Hair Replacer
it may result in black face.

Mods that change Glenmoril NPCs (I don't know any at this point).


KS Hairdos
Pandorable NPCs - Base for female NPCs
Presets by trzcinaj - Base for Children NPCs
Bijin NPCs - Base for female NPCs
SC - KS Hairdos Retextured
Holiday Hairdos
Apachii Sky Hair
Maevan2's Eyebrows
Eyes of Beauty
Kala's Eyes
Witcher 3 Eyes
Tempered Male Skin - 40 years old complexion
Fair Skin Complexion - Mouth
Lamenthia's Marks of Beauty
Vanilla Hair Remake
Vanilla Hair - Salt and Wind