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Just another one of my grass patches.

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Old Hroldan Ruins SE is one of a handful of mods that I can't imagine playing without it. I also can't imagine playing without Verdant - A Skyrim Grass Plugin. To make both mods play nice together I made this little patch.

What this patch does:

This mod removes the grass from what could be considered high use areas (such as the wood chopping area) and frequently walked routes that the NPCs follow. I did not edit any NavMeshes. I just watched them walk their routes and cleared the grass accordingly. After clearing one of the paths, I noticed that some stairs had to be adjusted.

In SSEEdit I flagged the .esp as an .esl


                                                                                                      Old Hroldan Ruins SE
                                                                                    Main file: Old Hroldan Ruins -- SE Enhanced


Simply download and install through your mod manager.

Note: If you use mods such as No Grass In Objects to pre-cache your grass, you will have to regenerate again.

                                                                     Other Grass Mods:

The Verdant patch will probably work with any grass mod if you either:
  • Change the master requirements using Wrye Bash
  • Remove the master requirements using SSEEdit. If you remove the masters be sure to add the correct masters back so LOOT can sort correctly. If you do not, you will have to manually sort your load order (place the patch after/below your grass mod of choice and Old Hroldan Ruins SE)

                                            Appreciation and thanks to Preeum and SA547 for creating the mods that we all enjoy.