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z929669 and DoubleYouC

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3D hybrid LOD models for mindflux's Aspens Ablaze to be used with DynDOLOD 3.xx+.

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All Aspens Ablaze versions supported now

Versions corresponding to AA 1.03 and 2.32 of this add-on are incompatible with Fixed Mesh Lighting mod (trees > Aspens Ablaze option), because that mod alters Lighting Effect 1 in the meshes, thus changing the CRC32 values. I will not be revising LOD models for any trees touched by that mod, since I am not convinced this lighting tweak is useful for at least some tree mods (it's appropriate for AA though, since that mod has a more upward-facing branch layout). For tree mods, my testing has revealed that these lighting tweaks trade off one small problem (slightly glowing trees at night) for a larger problem, depending on the trees (very dark branches in daylight on non-normal faces, but still some glow on normal faces).

NOTE: Because the base trees for Aspens Ablaze have high-poly custom crowns AND because the LOD models use these same crowns, the AA mod and the 'Quality' AA LOD provided here in the FOMOD and Old Files section are performance taxing (upwards of a -10 FPS hit in the Rift). 2.3x versions are a bit more performance friendly than the 1.03 version or the 2.33 "Big" versions. The only way to fix this is to reduce the poly count on the base tree crowns.
UPDATE: DoubleYouC created reduced-poly versions of the AA crowns in the LOD models used in this mod.

NOTE: This mod expects object LODGen via DynDOLOD 3 Alpha because DynDOLOD 2 cannot create trunk/tree billboards ... and I didn't include them with the mod, since people should only be using DynDOLOD 3 at this point anyway. It is much better for both mod authors and users.


These are DynDOLOD 3D hybrids for Aspens Ablaze. Uploaded with permission from mindflux to supplement his excellent custom trees.


  • FOMOD: Install after or with higher priority the Aspens Ablaze main mod.
  • Old versions: Choose the file corresponding to the version installed, install it anywhere, and enable it

Run TexGen, and follow with DynDOLOD.

NOTE: The 'LOD' textures/meshes and /textures/terrain folder from the AA main mod will not be utilized in game and can be removed/hidden or not installed, but they won't hurt anything either. If they are removed and something breaks, then ratchet back and don't bother removing anything. The issue is that something other than LOD assets were removed by user error.

LOGGen Settings

If using a 'Performance' version of this mod,:
treeaspen | LOD4/Level0 | LOD8/Level1 | LOD16/Billboard4

If using a legacy or 'Quality' version of this moe, a viable performance-friendly option for DynDOLOD 3 mesh rules that should give back a good deal of FPS in the Rift is to add a new tree rule for aspens. Simply use the following settings at each level for the mesh rule and copy the remainder from the default 'tree' mesh rule:
treeaspen | LOD4/Billboard4 | LOD8/Billboard4 | LOD16/Billboard(1)

Recommended DynDOLOD 'tree' mesh rules:
  • Ultra: LOD4/Level0, LOD8/Level1, LOD16/Level2
  • Performance: LOD4/Billboard4, LOD8/Billboard4, LOD16/Billboard(1)
        NOTE: Use the Quality version of this mod if using these mesh rules, because performance cost is identical
  • Optimal: LOD4/Level0, LOD8/Billboard4, LOD16/Billboard(1)

TIP: To improve performance for Ultra and Optimal configurations when using the 'Quality' version of this mod, delete LOD assets for treeaspen06, treeaspen07, treeaspen08, and treeaspen09 (or create Billboard4 mesh rules for these trees). These are smaller trees that are not as visible from a distance. These assets can be found under meshes\DynDOLOD\lod\trees\ and DynDOLOD\Render\Billboards\DynDOLOD\lod\trees\. I included them, because I always include small stuff in my LOD assets for the sake of completeness. Note that including them when using the Performance option should not have any noticeable impact, since they are all very simple 3D models anyway.

For more information about using DynDOLOD 3.xx and all other LODGen, check out the LOD instructions on the latest Step guide.

None of this would have been possible without sheson (DynDOLOD fork) and the xEdit developers (base application)