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A group of cultist ventured at the depths of Bonegrim Hollow in an attempt to capture and enslave the soul of an ancient necromancer for their devious plan. Eventually something went wrong and they were all slaughtered.

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The Vault of Maraf
by: venjhammet

In the east of Falkreath lies an ancient Nordic ruins called Bonegrim Hollow where a powerful necromancer was buried and locked away in a vault. A group of cultists ventured within the catacomb depths in the hope of capturing and enslaving a powerful dead warrior, however, their plan went awry and they were all slaughtered. Now it is up to you to investigate the ruins and to discover their fate.

Important things to take note of:

1. this mod uses vanilla assets only
2. radiant quest-enabled dungeon
3. A high-level dungeon filled with tougher enemies, at least level 20 is required
4. dungeon has three (3) highly detailed large cells
5. Some enemy npc uses default stats except for a few bosses who have their stats
6. compatible with all of my Standalone Dungeons, Reworked Dungeons, Hammet Dungeon Pack, New Vominheim and Valefrost.
7. no port request to console. I will port them myself soon.
7. also available on Legendary Edition or Oldrim
8. Requires SE with v1. Can be used for AE v1.6.353., v1.6.640, GOG version, v1.6.1130.0.8, and the latest 1.6.1170.0.8. This mod is not SKSE-dependent.

Incompatibility issue:
-conflict of the location of the dungeon if other mods happen to use the same location


-skybox added (exterior sky)
-added a small Questline
-previous players who have played it, no need to update (not recommended due to duplication of reward)

-updated for AE with the latest patch v1.6.353

-updated to AE version
-uses the Bone Colossus on the Anniversary Edition upgrade Creation Club add-on

-removed the Bone Colossus
-now the mod is purely vanilla asset only
-reworked the enemy npc and storybook
-maraf.bsa is no longer needed you may delete it manually

-radiant quest enabled
-fixed the skeleton that spawn inside the iron grate
-added a new room on the 3rd cell

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