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All recipes are overwritten to be vegetarian. Meat stews are renamed to vegetarian equivalents. Baked Yam item and recipe added (vanilla baked potato model). Recipes for vegetarian vanilla foods such as grilled leeks added.

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My deepest apologies to the hordes of people who I know have been waiting for me to port this to SSE, but I only just started playing it. Please forgive me and enjoy the ultimate Skyrim, Potato Edition!

The foods & recipes are a little different to before, and here they are:

Entirely replaced foods:

Horker and Ash Yam Stew > Baked Ash Yam
(uses baked potato mesh and basically is a baked potato)
Recipe: ash yam, salt

Chicken Dumpling > Potato Dumpling
Recipe: potato, garlic, leek, salt

Clam Chowder > Leek and Potato Soup
Recipe: potato, leek, milk, salt

Venison Stew > Mushroom and Potato Stew
Recipe: mora tapinella, potato, carrot, salt

Horker Stew > Summer Stew
Recipe: gourd, tomato, potato, salt

Beef Stew > Root Vegetable Stew
Recipe: carrot, ash yam, potato, salt

Recipes overwritten to vanilla Hearthfire baking recipes:

Mammoth Steak recipe > Garlic Bread recipe

Horse Haunch recipe > Snowberry Crostata recipe

Horker Loaf recipe > Lavender Dumpling recipe

Leg of Goat recipe > Apple Dumpling recipe

Recipes overwritten to modified Hearthfire baking recipes:

Cooked Beef recipe > Potato Dumpling recipe
(Chicken Dumpling replacement, same recipe as above)

Rabbit Haunch recipe > Bread recipe
Recipe: flour, salt
(same as the braided bread recipe - unsure why the cooler bread has the easier recipe!)

Recipes overwritten to produce vanilla foods lacking recipes:

Grilled Chicken Breast recipe > Grilled Leeks recipe
Recipe: leek, salt

Mudcrab Legs recipe > Baked Potato recipe
Recipe: potato, salt

Salmon Steak recipe > Honey recipe
Recipe: honeycomb

Venison Chop recipe > Boiled Creme Treat recipe
Recipe: honey, milk, butter

Pheasant Roast recipe > Honey Nut recipe
Recipe: honey, potato
(potato is the queen of foods and can substitute for anything)

In the image, I'm using Dear Diary paper UI and Font Overhaul UI font.