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Backpacks...for dogs.

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  • Spanish
  • Mandarin
  • French

Backpacks for the dogs of Skyrim.

  • Designed to fit Meeko Reborn and Vigilance Reborn, but should work on other dog followers (dogcompanion races) with some clipping.
  • Backpacks can be made at Tanning Rack (Dwarven Backpack at Forge).
  • With a dog backpack in your inventory, talk to your dog to tell them to "Put on backpack."
  • With a dog backpack equipped on the dog, talk to them and say "Open backpack" to open their inventory.
  • Take the backpack off from their inventory to unequip it (duh).
  • Can also craft various "Dog" accessories at Tanning Rack and Forge.
  • "Harness" accessories are designed to fit the Harness backpack and can be interchanged, or can be used by themselves.
  • Backpacks and some accessories provide carry weight bonuses. Some provide armor bonuses (see below).
  • Dog lanterns actually emit light.
  • When dog has lantern equipped and player is sneaking, a dialogue option to turn off the light appears.  When the light is off, a dialogue option appears to turn it on (requires SKSE to work). (Any lantern with the Dog Lantern Effect and in the Lantern List will be affected.)
  • Custom loading screens.


  • Most assets use vanilla texture paths.
  • All new records, no overwrites.
  • If you don't see the option to put on backpack, try reloading your save and maybe reload the game (Skyrim quest weirdness).
  • Lantern lights may not work after teleporting, should work again after reloading game (not sure why).
  • Custom dog? Try adding its race to the Armor Addons, and voice type to "_E7_DogBackpack_DogVoiceList" in xEdit to make them work.


  • SKSE to toggle dog lanterns.

SSE Version:
  • Saved to form version 44.
  • Ran files through Cathedral Optimizer.
  • Tested and confirmed working in-game


(slot 47):
  • Knapsacks (+30 carry weight)
  • Black Leather (+30 carry weight)
  • Harness (designed for attachments below) (+20 carry weight)
  • Barrel (+30 carry weight)
  • Rucksack (+30 carry weight)
  • Satchel (+30 carry weight)
  • Dwarven (+30 carry weight, also slight armor bonus)
  • Burden (+40 carry weight)
Harness Attachments:
  • Barrels (left/right) (slot 57, 60) (+5 carry weight)
  • Scrolls (left/right) (+5 carry weight)
  • Books (left/right) (+5 carry weight)
  • Chests (left/right) (+5 carry weight)
  • Dwarven Chests (left/right) (+5 carry weight)
  • Swords (slot 57), Shields (slot 60) and Daggers (slot 48) (Steel, Dwarven, Nordic, Dragonbone) (give slight armor bonuses)
Other Accessories:
  • Dog Lantern (slot 48)
  • Dog Neck Lantern (slot 45)
  • Rescue Barrel Collar (slot 45)
  • Dog Collars (brown, black, red, Celtic, leather crosses, chain) (slot 35)
  • Dog Amulets (slot 35)


  • Make better ground objects
  • Bows and arrows
  • Dwarven lantern
  • Lute, drums?
  • More backpacks
  • Hats?
  • Armor? (maybe separate mod)
  • Make Campfire version of Harness pack that displays items?