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This is an initialrelease, so bugs and conflicts with other mods are absolutely
possible. Due to lack of free time I can not promise you to update
this one any soon. This file maybe be fixed by all of you guys you've
got my permission!

You are not allowed to use my bear, deer and lizard models in your own mods, but you may
use wolf and sabrecat!

Don't forget toproperly install and execute FNIS mod(see below)

So have fun I hopeyou like it guys.

And if you feel like i would deserve it, feel free to donate and support me or give me some kudos=))) Thx.

This mod will add acouple of epic mounts into the game. This mod is actually a new
version of my outdated and not supported mod sabrecat mount:

Mounts included:

- Armored sabrecatmount
- armored wolf
- armored deer
- armored lizard-hound
- armored bear


You will find a newchest in whiterun stables, under the Stable shield.

In the chest youwill find flute, as soon as you used it, you will receive a new
"summon mount" spell.
Use this spell anytime you want to summon or dismiss your pet.
Have fun andPLEEEAAASE give me your feedback with your positive comments!


This mod requires
Fores New Idles inSkyrim – FNIS :

1) Download andinstall with nexus mod manager
2) Install FNIS modand execute “GenerateFNISforUsers.exe” (see FNIS installation

Known issues andpossible solutions:

1) The chest doesntappear in whiterrun stabbles:

- Dactivate the mod
- Make a clean saveoutside of whiterun
- activate the mod
- Start game againand go to whiterun stables.

2) When i go in tothe water while mounted, the player starts swimming on the top of the

This issue cannot besolved by me

3) I am unable to cast this spell. It simply won't work. Equipping it in either hand
simply results in an unequipped hand.

Use shout button.=)

4) After installing the mod some of the mounts appear and follow me.

This is probably some kind of mod conflict issue(ot mybe conflict with my outdated mod "armored sabrecat mount")

To get rid of them try to do following:

Summon the mounts that are following you (even if they are standing in front of you), they will then respond to dismissal.

1. Lizard is following me and I didn't summon him.
2. Use flute to summon lizard. (He will vanish and reappear.)
3. Use flute to dismiss lizard.


Special Thanks toTytanis Team for creating great skeleton for sabre cat!
Thanks to DarkenDefor helping me with scripting and giving me permissions to use his
Horse flute mod.

Thx to fore for creating FNIS mod and for his help with custom animations.

Thx to fLokii forgiving me permission to use his wolf skeleton.

If you are not happywith vanilla idle animations I recommend you to download this mod.
The author fixed the animations: