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Patches for mods that add too many crafting recipes, which aren't hidden under any circumstances, or have no requirements. Every patch has a version for Complete Crafting Overhaul Remastered.

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Have you ever entered the smithing menu and thought "What is that item? Which of my mods added it? And why on Earth would they do that?"

Well, recently when Constructible Object Custom Keyword System came out I took a look at my crafting menus which I have ignored in ages, and decided that some of these recipes have to go. So here is the patch collection for that.

Unfortunately, C.O.C.K.S. categories also depend on the keywords of the item that is being crafted, so in some of the patches I've edited the items to sort better. I've also done some renaming to help sorting alphabetically. Basically some of these patches are invasive and heavily personalised.

Anyway, here's the list of patches and what they do:

Dog Backpacks
Adds steel smithing, dwarven smithing, and advanced smithing requirements to steel, dwarven, and nordic steel items respectively. Changed keywords on all items so they show up as miscellaneous in the crafting menus, and added WACCF keywords. Renamed almost all the items. Changed the recipes too while I was at it since they were quite boring.

Kaidan 2
Changed the wedding finery to require the Kaidan wedding quest to have started in order to craft. Gave the wedding outfits robe ground models of matching colour, as they previously just had a pouch as a ground model which would freeze in the air if dropped. Also added WACCF keywords.

Saints and Seducers Bolts
This patch makes no ammo record edits.
Removed the recipes allowing you to turn arrows into bolts, as no other bolts have recipes like that, and they didn't require any type of smithing skill so would show up immediately.

Moonpath to Elsweyr
This patch makes no armor record edits.
Added a requirement to have siligonder chitin in your inventory in order to craft siligonder armour, as there was otherwise no requirement.