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Patches which combine the XCLN - Location references added by some mods with the water edits made by Water for ENB.

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Thank you to mindfIux for their excellent mod Water for ENB, DarkFox127 for Millwater Retreat, GanXingba for Moon and Star, and Arthmoor for Oakwood and USSEP.

UPDATE: The latest version of Water for ENB has given the same name to the iNeed plugins as the standard ones so there is no longer any need to use different patches whatever your choice. I've put the iNeed specific patches under old files. Just use the patches that match your water choice. I've also added the same patches for the new Shades option.

Although I use some existing patches made by others, I've been patching my load orders for a few years now. One type of conflict that always shows up in Xedit are XLCN - Location references added by some mods conflicting with water edits made by whichever water mod you're using. I always forward the edits made by both mods into a patch for my own game as it certainly won't hurt doing so, but never gave it much thought other than that.

I recently decided to start releasing some patches on the Nexus and I've been trying to find worthwhile patches to create which aren't already available. After spending some time looking into the importance of forwarding XLCN - Location references, the two articles linked below and some other writings convinced me that it was indeed worthwhile, and that not doing so has at the very least, the potential to cause minor issues in those areas. 

TES5Edit - Which record types DON'T need conflict patches 

[Skyrim] TES5Edit - Records that merge at runtime 

The patches:

USSEP Patch - Contains one XLCN ref added by USSEP not included in Water for ENB and two XCLR references added by Dawnguard not included in WENB. Place this above the other patches in your load order.

I Placed the next three patches for each version in the same folder because it was just to many files to upload. If you don't use all the mods then just delete or hide the ESP's you don't need. This can be easily done in MO by opening the mod in Explorer or by double clicking the mod and going to the Filetree tab. 

Millwater Retreat - Place this patch below any other patches you use for this mod.

Moon and Star - Place this patch below any other patches you use for this mod.

Oakwood - You can flag the ESP from the Oakwood mod as an ESL in Xedit without having to compact the form ID's so that it won't count towards your plugin limit. Just a tip and nothing to do with the patch I made. 

Load Order - You should have your water mod very low in your load order anyway and you can just place these patches below it but with the USSEP one above the others. 

Similar Patches for Realistic Water 2

All the patches are flagged as ESL and won't count towards your load order.