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Craftable lore-friendly Leather Armor and Outfit.

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Colovian Leather Armor and Outfit

by Xtudo
Craftable lore-friendly Leather Armor and Outfit.

VERSION 2 includes (all 15 items available in-game):
  • ESL ESP files.
  • UNP, UNPB and CBBE.
  • Colovian Leather Armor with and without pauldrons.
  • Colovian Leather Outfit. Clothing and armor versions, with or without skirt.
  • Armored leather boots, and reinforced armored boots.
  • Armored gauntlets, and reinforced armored gauntlets.
  • Armored armlets and gloves.
  • Armored leather hood, with pauldrons (it will reduce clipping) and no pauldrons version.
  • Armored choker.
  • All items are craftable (no requirements), and you can temper them too. Up to Legendary (tested).
  • The stats are the same that the vanilla Scaled Armor.
  • Proper inventory items.

The mod is fully standalone.

Optional downloads
  • 4K Textures version for the main outfit/armor.
  • Vanilla Leather armor replacer - UNP and CBBE.
  • No skirt and no pants version.

- LE version here.

I did it for my game and now I'm sharing it, I hope you like it. And don't forget to share your screens. :)

Mods used
  • Many thanks to Deserter X - Dianka33, for making their impressive beautiful mods, and free for modification; you are awesome!
  • Many thanks to Dovaya for the pauldrons used by the armored version. 
  • Many thanks to Billyro and Artsick, the skirt is based in the one from the beautiful Peacekeeper Armour mod.
  • Many thanks to NordwarUA for his boots and gautlets used by this mod.
  • Many thanks to Froztee for the ESP SE conversion.
  • Many thanks to Maxiteo for the ESL conversion.
  • Many thanks to the kind people of the Facebook Skyrim groups, and friends from Nexus, for their support and suggestions for the mod. They really helped a lot, you are awesome!

The sisters Sarah and Cybele:

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