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200+ Loading Screens for the Community.

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Almost all added Loadscreens are shown in the Images Tab or in the gallery above, the "stretched" screens I thought weren't horrendous are at the end of the gallery, please let me know over in posts if you'd like them removed. In 1.5.5 I've added like 50 more from the mod Simple Diffusion (SD) Loading Screens, show some props to @DanRuta for the OG work. Ofc I've added some lore tidbits to the new loadscreens, so go check em out.

This esp combines a few assets pulled from different mods, 1. Lore-Based Loading Screens 2. The Elder Scrolls Legends and 3. TESL Loading Screens - Tweaks and Addons w/out all of the extra BS to save all you wonderful human beings some plugin space. There are 100+ unique loading screens for your viewing pleasure. I've also added lore from UESP and The Elder Scrolls Wiki.

P.S. I've added some of my own flavor text, as well as, images. 

Another resource to create your own is Easy Loading Screen Generator, but if you're lazy and/or seek convenience .. I GOT YOU BRO

Happy Modding!

To mitigate any possible confusion, the images above have a seemingly dark overlay because of my ENB. I did not disable it when taking the screenshots. Also, please update to v1.5 to avoid any issues later on in your playthrough. The screens all have the same font.

**note some mods contain their own loading screens (I cannot change that for you, so you may see them throughout your playthrough), i.e., Beyond Skyrim Bruma, Artefakes, Notice board, etc.

Check out this guy's screens, it's a different aesthetic, but for the most part, they're pretty solid.