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This mod retextures the snow in Skyrim.

Permissions and credits

Made with PBR materials this mod aims to achieve a realistic overhaul of the snowy landscapes of Skyrim. I tried to keep the original feel of the vanilla textures while making improvements where needed. I pre-baked ambient occlusion onto these textures with an AO map to give the snow the much needed detail it needed. Textures diffuse are 4k and normal maps are 2k. This mod comes with plugin to patch the Material Objects in the game to suit these textures. Made with Really Blended Roads meshes in mind, which are a hard requirement. You can view the active change-log in the posts section of this modpage.


  • Install Static Mesh Improvement mod
  • Install Blended Roads - I like the Really Blended Roads version
  • Install my mountain mod or Majestic Mountains for correct mountain snow (optional)
  • Install this mod
  • Read the Conflicts And Compatibility section of this page

Conflicts And Compatibility
Make sure to have Blended Roads and Static Mesh Improvement mod install, these two mods are hard requirements. While you can use this with Better Dynamic Snow there really isn't any point because the ESP for this mod does the same thing. The plugin will only conflict with other plugins that edit the Material Object and static records, I would advise using TES5Edit to see if the plugin conflicts with anything in your load order.

Further information
If you have issues with this mod, you can either post about your issue in the comments of this modpage or you can join my
Discord and do the same.

These textures use a displacement map to utilize Parallax. To use Parallax, edit the follow parameters in your ENBLocal.ini -


I would recommend using xLODGen, DynDOLOD and TexGen. If you use a custom, like the one found in TerrainLODRedon, then the snow might look a different color to the terrain.

You can support me on

Quixel AB
Mr. Octopus

The images taken on this modpage were taken by my self with ENB mod for Skyrim LE.
This mod comes as is and you do not have the right to modify and/or distribute these textures without permission. All credit goes to Quixel AB for the original assets.