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A revamp of the bleedout state that essential/protected NPCs enter upon reaching 0 health.

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I found the Vanilla bleedout system to be too easy to be exploited, especially when followers get back up after a few seconds, essentially (pun intended) making them invincible.

With this mod active, when an essential/protected NPC enters bleedout, they will fall unconscious. (You will also see a message.)

They will remain like this until:

The unconscious effect should persist when you swap cells.

This mod uses an ESLified ESP, also called ESPFE, which will not count towards the max 255 ESP/ESM limit.


- Spell Perk Item Distributor (SPID)


This mod is incompatible with any mod that changes the bleedout state.


You can use the following console commands to customize some settings:

Changing the health reset threshold

Use the following console command:
set ANDR_KO_DownHealthThreshold to X
Where X is the amount of health (not a percentage) that the NPC can have before it's reset back to 0.5.

Toggling notifications

Use the following console command:
set ANDR_KO_AllowNotifications to X
Where X can be set to 0 and 1. 1 will allow notifications "<Person> has fallen unconscious." 0 (or any other value than 1) will turn off these notifications.

Debugging a stuck NPC

Use the following console command first:
help "bleedout token"
This will give you the formID of the bleedout token in your loadorder. (should end with 807, but the other digits are dependant on your load order.)

Then, select the stuck NPC use the following console command:
removeitem <FormID> 1

For instance, "removeitem FE001807 1". This will remove the bleedout token from the NPC and should make them recover.

Adding an NPC to the exclusion faction

Use the following console command first:
help "Ignore Bleedout Revamp Faction"
This will give you the formID of the exlcusion faction in your loadorder. (should end with 800, but the other digits are dependant on your load order.)

Then, select the stuck NPC use the following console command:
addtofaction <FormID> 1

For instance, "addtofaction FE001800 1". This will prevent the NPC from being affected with the "unconscious effect" and instead use the vanilla bleedout kneel animation.


Q: Is this mod the same as Essentials Ragdoll on Knockdown, or any mods based on it, namely Knockout and Surrender and Essentials Knockdown?

A: Those mods are all well done, and I would recommend them as an alternative to this, if you don't like a certain feature of mine. They are quite similar, in fact, after checking I found out my mod and theirs use a similar approach to making an NPC ragdoll, aka "unconscious", which I found in this old forum thread, so I assume it's a common way to simulate this effect.
Just like Esssentials Knockdown, my mod also requires SPID.
However, as for differences, my mod should keep the NPCs in an unconscious state, even after leaving the cell and you either need to wait 6 hours, or use a healing spell or potion on the NPC to make them recover. In addition, my mod displays a message when an NPC falls unconscious, like in Oblivion.

I would recommend to only use one of these mods though, as they share the same method and may cause issues when used together.

Q: What about NPC Knockout Overhaul?

A: That mod is a very comprehensive overhaul, with tons of new features for knocking out NPCs and such. It goes way beyond what my mod does. It also seems to be using the same approach for making the NPC unconscious. It doesn't use SPID to make its effects apply to all NPCs, but instead using a cloaking script. There are pros and cons to that approach, which I won't go into here. In short, if you'd like a mod with way more features/customizability than mine, but more complex, I'd recommend it.

Known issues

- Some testers reported that it sometimes takes a long time for an NPC to recover after having used a potion/healing spell on them. Unfortunately, I was unable to replicate this issue. My apologies for that. I can only assume this is caused by script lag, when having many other heavily scripted mods running at the same time.

- Sometimes the message "<Name> has fallen unconscious." will pop up. This is due to a Vanilla bug when NPCs get into a bleedout state. It would happen otherwise as well, but this mod makes it more noticable, since it will show the message. You can turn off these notifications, if you want. (See Customization)

Side-Note: Many Nazeems were harmed in the making of this mod.