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In vanilla skyrim, your racial powers are forgotten and useless in the long run, this mod will remind you that your race really does make a difference.

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I am the only one who can use my racial power that looks more like a special super power that only I have access to, this feels like cheating and in the long run your race becomes something cosmetic and loses its personality and individuality.

To change that, I removed all powers and added useful (and lore friendly) passives in their place that will affect all races in the game and will never become useless at any point.

  1. Every NPC is affect by the buffs
  2. Vanilla and lore friendly
  3. No scripts, put and remove at will no worries
  4. No bugs and incompatibilities

Changes (Update 1.3):

  • Changes to Nords, Khajiit, High Elf, Argonian and Redguard for balancing, compatibility and fixing purpouses
  • changes are displayed in (red)

  • Khajiit are 20% harder to detect while sneaking
  • Nighteye time increased duration from 60 to 180 seconds
  • Claws deal 15 unarmed damage  (was 20)

  • Removed Battle Cry
  • Base Health increased by 30 (was 60)
  • Deal 20% more damage with 2 handed weapons
  • Resist 66% frost

  • Magicka increased by 30 (was 60)
  • High Born is a passive and increase base Magicka regeneration by 1 (this means % effects will impact more)
  • Magic skills improve 10% faster (was 20%)

  • Hist Skin is a passive and generate 1 Health per second (now is a constant buff and work with survival mode or mods that disable base health regen)
  • Healing is 20% more powerful
  • 66% resistance to disease
  • Waterbreathing

  • Removed Command Animal
  • Removed Resistance to disease
  • Deal 20% more damage with bows
  • Resist 66% poison
  • Base Stamina regeneration increased by 1 (this means % effects will impact more)

  • Dragonskin is a passive and absorb 10% of magicka from spells
  • Resist 20% Magic
  • Conjuration spells last 33% longer

  • Removed Berserker
  • Deal 10% more damage
  • Take 10% less damage
  • improving weapons and Heavy armor is 10% stronger

  • Removed Ancestor's Wrath
  • Destruction spells deal 15% more damage
  • One-handed deal 15% more damage
  • Resist 66% fire 


  • Removed Imperial Luck
  • Prices are 10% better
  • You block 20% more damage
  • Increased Stamina, Health, Magicka by 20. 

  • Removed Poison Resistance
  • Stamina Increaced by 30 (was 60)
  • Base Stamina regeneration increased by 1 (this means % effects will impact more)
  • One-Handed deal 20% more damage

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