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This is my attempt at a patch for SOTW and CACO. It allows you to use the mods together and have access to all of the recipes in each. It works but it is not a perfect blend. Please read on for details..

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Skills of the Wild and Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul Patch

SOTW and CACO Beta Release

These two mods are great and for the most part work well together except for their cooking skills. Each mod has it's own cooking skill. At this time what this patch does is make it so that you can cook the items from Skills of the Wild using the CACO system. However, as it is the two cooking skills are running side by side and CACO seems to be winning out. What this means is that none of the recipes from SOTW are locked behind the perks of that mod, they are locked behind CACO's cooking skill. If you don't use the cooking perk tree from SOTW you likely won't notice anything different at all other than you will get a message stating your cooking experience is going up. Although in my experience nothing adverse happens when you use the perk tree (nothing really happens at all, because CACO still has control) and it's possible that if there are dishes unique to SOTW or Hunterborn those would need SOTW's cooking skill to unlock.

I have not had the opportunity to extensively test it (hence releasing it as a Beta). It's also possible that turning off CACO's cooking skill system will allow SOTW's to take over. I'm still testing it myself but I'm interested in feedback and advice. The author of SOTW, jayserpa, tried disabling SOTW's cooking tree but that didn't seem to work and caused a lot of problems so I'm trying it this way. So far it works in my game but with this minor caveat. 

It is an .esp marked Light to save on load order space.


Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch

Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul

Skills of the Wild

And all of their respective requirements.