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Addon for Legacy of the Dragonborn. This mod adds packs of random Fate Cards to vendors.

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Fate Card Packs
Ever wondered where all those Fate Cards come from? Somehow they end up in the satchels of dead adventures who meet their untimely ends in the dark corners of Skyrim, but where did they get them? Yeah there's that one dude in Windhelm who trades them but, where does he buy them?

Well wonder no more! The Merchants of Skyrim are now selling packs of Fate Cards for you to purchase, trade and take with you when you go adventuring. Grab a pack and test your luck today! 

Why on Earth did you make this???
Apart from filling in a bit of a plot hole to explain where Fate Cards come from, if you've ever collected trading cards you'll know the excitement that comes with opening a new pack! The smell of the protective coating, the silky smooth feel of fresh cards, and that giddy high as you flip through the deck too see if this time you've nabbed that Ultra Rare to complete the set. I wanted to bring a little bit of that feeling to the already very cool Fate Card system introduced with Legacy of the Dragonborn.

This mod is fairly simple, just buy a pack from pretty much any Misc Vendor or Inn Keeper, activate it in your inventory and 5 random cards will be produced. At the moment the chances are as follows (I may vary these later):
  • 60% chance for Common cards
  • 30% chance for Uncommon cards
  • 8% chance for Rare cards
  • 2% chance for Ultra Rare cards

The card packs currently cost 1000 gold each, which sounds like a lot I know! But when you break down the odds of getting rares and then add up how much those would be worth to sell back to the vendor, it all works out in the end (or pretty close to it - the house always wins).

Fate cad packs are added to vendor inventory lists directly, so if you've got other mods doing the same thing you'll need a bash patch or whatever you kids are doing these days. If there's loads of users with compatibility issues who can't handle their own conflicts in XEdit I may consider adding the packs via a quest or something... but seriously just learn how make your own patches, it'll save you a lot of bother in life.  
Big thanks to Icecreamassasin and the whole Legacy team for changing the way we all play Skyrim.
Please note this is not an official LOTDB mod; however, I did get permission to upload it.