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Replace the LOTD Crusader set with the High Quality Breton Paladin set from FrankFamily!

Permissions and credits
Legacy of the Dragonborn - FrankFamily's Paladin Replacer for the Crusader Set

Officially endorsed Legacy of the Dragonborn mod

This mod replaces the Crusader Set from Legacy of the Dragonborn to use the assets from Artifacts - The Breton Paladin by FrankFamily
It does NOT replace the quest to obtain the armor in LotD, it does not modify it's enchantments, it does not use the "Helmet of Wisdom" asset.
In fact, only the contents of the BSA is required from FrankFamily's mod, not even the .esp.
This mod also changes the appearance of Skullcrusher and the Signet Ring of Sir Amiel to use FrankFamily's assets.
Regarding Eleidon's Ward, the item mesh and textures were swapped to the Original Crusader Shield from Legacy so you don't have 2 Shields looking the same.

- Install Legacy of the Dragonborn (Obviously)
- Install Artifacts - The Breton Paladin with your preferred Mod Manager
- Hide/delete the esp from the Artifacts - The Breton Paladin mod
- Extract the BSA from Artifacts - The Breton Paladin using any extractor (MO2's work or BAE). It's very easy.
- Launch the game

Load Order shouldn't matter. This changes the records themselves, you may want to patch it for MLU or other stat changers that you may have.

"But why do I need to disable the esp?"
It's simple, this simply changes the mesh paths of the armors and weapons, it does not directly edit the Breton Paladin mod by itself, you would then have 2 different Paladin Sets, looking the same, with different enchantments and different ways to obtain them.
Technically both the replacer and the main mod can coexist, but for consistency it's better to have only one.

  • Icecreamassaissin, SirJesto, Kriana, and the entire Legacy of the Dragonborn team (and the approval)
  • FrankFamily aka Borx25 for Artifacts - The Breton Paladin (and the authorization to use his assets)
  • Developers and maintainers of NifSkope and Gimp
  • ElminsterAU and team for SSEEdit

Made for my Wabbajack Modlists