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Skinwalker21 ported by FireOogle and AndrealphusVIII

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Adds Otters and Wolf-Otters into Skyrim. Port of Skinwalker21's cool otters to special edition.

ESL flagged.

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There are two variants of Otters, you have regular Otters that are roughly the size of a Skeever and they run away when you get close to them. And then you have Wolf Otters that are even bigger, around the size of a wolf. Wolf-Otters are vicious and will attack you if you get too close to them, however they're not too deadly unless you have a pack of Wolf-Otters attacking you. They're found near waterway and the open northern coasts.

They like to eat fish and clams, sometimes you'll find a couple of pearls on them since they like to collect natural shiny things.
Their fur is very valuable and they're sought after by hunters and trappers, and they're a good source of meat.

(Updated for SE, added to levelled lists etc. If you use other mods like skytest, no animals report crimes then you may need to make a compatibility patch or ensure changes are carried forward into bash/merge patch). Unofficial Skyrim patch required. 

If you want to see more of Skinwalker21's upcoming mods, you can always visit their discord channel here! Original LE mod is here.

(No otters were harmed while taking the screenshots)