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aphest and Lagrie

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The End Times have come to Skyrim!
Adds four new Random Boss Encounters: the Chaos Champions!
Also adds optional "Summon Chaos Champion" Power!
Fully voiced with 90 voice lines!

Permissions and credits
End Times Of Skyrim SE
Please Endorse! :)

This upload is granted with permission from Fatshark employee David, as well as the sound company they employed.
This is for fan use only, and all rights belong to Fatshark.

This mod is now part of my Warhammer Fantasy Mod Collection!
Special thanks to Lagrie for letting me use his beautiful Knight of Molag Bal armor set for my Champions!

> If you experience bugs, please PM me so I can fix it for you! <

Fully Voiced!

V4.0! Adds even more Cosmetic Champion Varieties!
V3.8: Chaos damage fixes! Also added a Summon Chaos Warrior Power! (See Optional Files)
V3.5: New Sorcerer Variants! Special Thanks to Xenosapiens for the helmet!
V3.2: Increases Rarity of Items Dropped by Champions & Fixes Sorcerers
V3.0: Added 3 more Champion Archetypes! The Chosen, The Berserker, & The Sorcerer!

This mod will add a new random Boss variant to all vanilla "Boss Encounter" leveled lists: the Chaos Champion!

Champions may also sometimes be found wandering the northern coastlines.

Champions hit hard like Centurions and have the same health as Master Vampires!
However, they are slow and cumbersome. Time your attacks!