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Welcome to Bad Ass Bard Songs!!! WHOOOOOOOOO!!!

This mod adds bard drum, flute, and lute instrumental songs to the taverns. It does not REPLACE them, it ADDS them and they play at RANDOM!

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Welcome to Bad Ass Bard Songs!!! WHOOOOOOOOO!!!

This mod adds bard drum, flute, and lute instrumental songs to the taverns. It does not REPLACE them, it ADDS them and they play at RANDOM!

July 10th, 2021: Main File (v1.3) 
 - Combined all three ESPFE's into a single ESPFE "AIO" mod (All In One).
 - Now you have the option of having the AIO version, or three instruments individually (all ESPFE's, so no impact to your load order).
 - Updated the FOMOD.

April 14th, 2021: Main File (v1.2) 
 - Switched from WAV (1411 kbps) files to XWM (192kbps) files (WAY SMALLER!!). Many thanks to jn64 and modluv for the suggestion!! This is a great compression format, with a miniscule loss of quality!
 - Fixed the mus_bardlute_01_05 song to the correct reference. It was a duplicate of mus_bardlute_01_04 song previously. Thank you jn64 for finding this!

March 28th, 2021: Main File (v1.1) 
 - Switched over to a FOMOD
 - Changed file format to 3 separate ESL files, to allow people to choose which instruments they wish to replace.
 - Added FLUTE songs to the list!

March 20th, 2021: Main File (v1.0) 
 - Initial Release


There is one FOMOD for this, which contains all the files that you need:

BA_BardSongs_AIO.esp (ESPFE)
AIO Version that combines all three instruments into a single ESPFE. A total of 100 random instrumental songs!

BA_BardSongs_Drums.esp (ESPFE)
An ESPFE that contains 21 random drum solos, for a total of 24 with vanilla.


An ESPFE that contains 30 random flute solos, for a total of 36 with vanilla.


An ESPFE that contains 36 random lute solos, for a total of 40 with vanilla.


So, I had downloaded a couple mods that replaced the bard lute songs and drum songs:

Alternative Bards Lute Songs by Jokerine
Alternative Bards Drum Songs by Jokerine
Bards Lute Songs by Trond Bengtson and David van Ooijen SE CONV by holsbyHGC 

...but I wanted something more. I wanted to keep the original songs, and then have new songs too. 

A little bit of research in the CK revealed that certain spells have multiple sound effects upon impact or explosion. Using this philosophy, I attempted to place multiple song files into the same triggered Sound Descriptor, and WHA-LAH! Randomized songs!

But I couldn't just stop there. I had a rabbit hole to go down, demmit!

I went out in search of drum, flute, and lute songs that would offer a great variety of music when in taverns. I found the songs, recorded them, converted them to WAV files, edited them to the proper length to match the existing formats, and then made a list of all the replacements. DONE-ZO!

For DRUMS, there are three (3) sets of base songs (they all run about 36 seconds). I've added six (6) new songs to each set, and also extracted and placed the three (3) new ones made by Jokerine (Alternative Bards Drum Songs), for a total of eight (8) random possibilities for each version (24 total)! 

For FLUTES, there are six (6) sets of base songs (each with various runtimes). I've added an additional five (5) songs to each set, for a total of six (6) random songs for each set (36 total).

For LUTES, there are four (4) base songs (each with various runtimes). I've added seven (7) new songs to each set, along with the four (4) from Jokerine (Alternative Bards Lute Songs), and the four (4) from holsbyHGC (Bards Lute Songs), for a total of ten (10) random possibilities for each version (40 total)!

For the best effect, I suggest using this along side the Bard Instrumentals Mostly - Sing Rarely mod.

Here is a list of all the songs that were added. I used a simple naming format for the mod itself, but here are the artists and which song (or rather which PORTION of the song) was used.

Please see all associated music links at the bottom under credits. There are several artists here and they all have fascinating musical talent! Please visit their sites and support them if possible.


Here is a video to show some of the songs. I've edited it to skip all flute (this was made prior to me adding them), singing, and the weird glitch that makes the Bard keep playing long after the song is over (not sure what's up with that). This should give you an idea on how this mod works. 

And here is another one with the Flutes included... along with colorful commentary from everyone's favorite tavern resident, EMBRY!

Don't miss out on his hilarious one-liners like "What are you staring at (while he stares at you from the distance)", the classic side-splitter, "Need something?", or the deeply inquisitive, "Yes?".  Oh, my funny bone hurts...!

Also included are Embry's magical teleportation abilities, caught live on tape! No stationary chair or dusty tavern mist can stop him!


Skyrim SE


1. Download and install via your favorite mod manager. 
2. If unsure of the contents, or to learn more about the mod, use SSEEdit to inspect the contents.
3. If there are any conflicts to resolve, you might benefit from running a Master Update via SSEEdit or other merging program (WyreBash, zEdit, MatorSmash, etc).
4. When ready to play with the mod, open your mod manager, place a checkmark beside the .esp file, and run the game.
5. Enjoy this fine product from Shiholude! 


1. Open your mod manager and uncheck the files.
2. Select the file from the mod directory and uninstall / remove it. 
3. Run your “Master Update” again (if you’re using such a file). 


This mod is not compatible with other mods that replace the bard songs for lute and drums. Other than that, it plays well with everything else.

...get it? It "PLAYS" well... 



None known of at this time. Please use the bug section/tab above to report anything. 


Nada. I'm done with this, I believe. 


Private Message - Shiholude


Thank you to Bethesda for creating Skyrim and Skyrim SE!
Thank you to Jokerine (account closed) & holsbyHGC for their original mods, where I was turned onto some of the great artists listed below!
Thank you to all the other modders that continue to make this game playable, over and over again!
Thank you to everyone that continues to support and download my mods! I love this community!

The biggest thanks goes to all of the artists listed below for their fine skills and works that I've drawn from. Please visit their websites and support them how ever you can. Often a simple LIKE on their video is enough, but if you have the financial means to do so, please do!

Thank you to Murat Coskun (artist) and Schlagwerk drums for their sample videos, where I drew several excerpts from for the drums!
Thank you to David Kuckhermann (artist) and Cooperman drums for their sample videos, where I found several great examples for drums!
Thank you to the following YouTubers and their awesome drumming talents (links are to the actual videos used):
Adrian J PortiaAndrey Tanzu, Marla Leigh, Tripp Dudley, and Yshai Afterman.

Thank you to Phyllis Chan for her Seven Medieval Tunes. I used six of these for the flutes!
Thank you to CutiePie (Stephanie) for her awesome songs and tutorials, where I drew a TON of songs from (13 of them actually)!
Thank you to Kirsten Olstaff, Thomas Johnston, and Mikie Smyth of the Online Academy of Irish Music, where I found several good Irish songs to use.
Thank you to the following YouTubers and excellent flute songs (links are to the actual videos used):
Aldo BovaAndrei KrylovDenis de La RochefordièreEkanath BhaktiErin FHanneke van Proosdij, and Robert Harvey

Thank you to Csaba Béke for his wonderful lute songs! 
Thank you to Trond Bengtson for his excellent lute works! 
Thank you to David van Ooijen for his superb lessons on lute and videos!