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An advanced improvement of the successful Weather and Atmosphere overhaul HAZE with cinematic adjustments, more exterior and interior sound effects, fixed precipitation weathers, lighting and light sources, horizon coloring +more

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An advanced improvement of the successful Weather and Atmosphere overhaul HAZE with cinematic adjustments, more exterior and interior sound effects, fixed precipitation weathers, lighting and light sources, horizon coloring +more.

This new version is a radical new take on the Haze concept, that's why a new mod page.

This version of Haze comes with two ENB presets (Quality + Performance) and one ReShade preset.
There are better ENB presets for this mod though: Vulturian Shades and Haze Weathers 2 Realistic ENB.

Unlike the previous version which depended heavily on its ENB and ReShade, this new version can be used standalone, only with the ENB, or only with the ReShade.
Effects like snow cover, wetness and rain drops on camera are only achievable through the ENB. Rain drops, snow and ash on player and NPCs are still present even if using Haze without its ENB.

If you decide to use Haze without the ENB and/or the ReShade, you can still have better overall vanilla visuals with just one click through the Enhancer MCM option.
Furthermore, you can regulate how Haze looks through the MCM where you can make Day, Night, and Interior adjustments.

The weather system has been completely overhauled. It comes packed with 278 different weathers!
Weather probability depends on seasons now and not on regions.

An MCM menu is provided, where you can adjust weather probability by season, or disable seasons all together.
You can also adjust the looks of the days, nights, and interiors through the MCM.
The latest addition of an Enhancer option lets you enhance  overall contrast for a more dramatic look.
Your changes can be saved and loaded later in another game.

Nights vary from bright to completely dark. While the complete dark ones are rare, I do suggest you always carry a torch with you.

Haze comes with extra features such as:
- Variety of new snow particles
- Variety of new rain drops
- New sounds
- Variety of volumetric lighting
- New visual effects
- Snow and frost cover on player, animals & NPCs
- Rain drops and droplets cover on player, animals & NPCs
- Ash covered player & NPCs in ash storms
- Dynamic snow cover on surfaces (eg. snow in Whiterun) (ENB quality and performance effect)

- Wetness on everything when it rains (ENB quality and performance effect)
- Rain drops on camera (ENB quality effect)

Haze overhauls interiors and dungeons too, but in a non-intrusive way.
This means you can use your favorite lighting mod like ELFX or RS along Haze.
Lighting mods and Haze will in fact complement each other!

Performance will vary based on your rig and your mods.
For maximum performance, you can only install the weather mod.
To get better visuals with as little hit on performance, you can install the optional ReShade preset.
For much better visuals, install the ENB preset or this alternative one.

If your PC can't handle the extra strain from ENB/ReShade, you can enable Enhancer MCM option to get better vanilla visuals without an ENB or ReShade.

The ENB comes in 2 different versions:
Quality comes loaded with all the goodies.
Performance is stripped from all heavy visuals, providing a basic ENB to complement Haze.

The main file should be installed like any other regular mod.
Users of the previous Haze version can upgrade safely by simply overwriting their Haze version with this one.
Going back to the previous version though might introduce issues so it's recommended to keep a backup savefile and test the new version out before committing to it.

Instructions on how to install the ENB and Reshade preset:

If you have another ENB preset installed, remove it completely before this step!
- Download ENB from
- Copy only the d3d11.dll and the d3dcompiler_46e.dll from the WrapperVersion folder of the ENB zip file
to your Skyrim Special Edition folder.
- Download the Haze ENB preset from the "FILES" section and unzip it into your Skyrim folder.
It might take a while to initially load the shaders on first run. Please wait patiently.

If you have another ReShade preset installed, remove it completely before this step!
- Download the HazeWeathers Reshade preset from the "FILES" section and unzip it into your Skyrim folder.
- Download ReShade from
- Run the ReShade installer
- Select "Skyrim (SkyrimSe.exe)" from the list of games
- Click on Direct 3D 10/11/12
- Select with a full checkmark the following effects (check image below...):
SweetFX by
Color effects by prod80
FXShaders by luluco250
Legacy standard effects

- When installation is finished, close the installer and launch the game.
- When the game has been loaded, press "Home" and select "HazeWeathers Reshade.ini" from the drop-drown menu on the top of the ReShade window.


For ReShade installation reference:

- Enhanced Lights and FX: load before Haze (ELFX Enhancer not needed)
- Window Shadows: compatible (Enhancer not needed)
- Haze Lights: compatible
- Relighting Skyrim: load before Haze
- Frostfall: compatible
- Frostbite: compatible
- Lanterns of Skyrim II: compatible
- Lightning During Storms SSE (Minty lightning): compatible
- Storm Lightning for SSE and VR (Minty Lightning 2019): compatible

- ELE - SSE: not compatible
- Dynamic Immersive Seriously Dark Dungeons - SSE: not compatible

- Dynamically Darker Dungeons: compatible
- Get Snowy: compatible
 (you can run both but it's not really needed)
- R.A.S.S. - Visual Effects - Rain And Snow Shaders: compatible
- Embers HD: semi-compatible (makes fire glow unnaturally). Remedy this with Remove Ugly Torch Glow
- Lux: compatible (crank up Interior Brightness through the MCM if used with the ENB or ReShade)
- Wonders of Weather: compatible
- Volumetric Mists: compatible
- Obsidian Mountain Fogs: compatible
- Wet & Cold: patch provided, turn "snowy" shader off in Wet&Cold MCM menu
- Sounds of Skyrim Complete: patch provided

- Other weather mods: totally incompatible

ENB & ReShade
Boris Vorontsov for ENB binary
Crosire for ReShade
Tapioks for 
ENB DNI separation
LonelyKitsune for ENB Lens and ENB PrePass
The Sandvich Maker for Reforged UI
JawZ for Modular Shaders
Guest(r) for Deblur shader
Marty McFly for MXAO shader and the qUINT shader library
Luluco250 for Virtual Resolution

Code additions: GrVulture

Weather System
TrueDraconis for Improved Shadows and Volumetric Lighting
ElminsterAU and the whole xEdit Team for SSEedit

Megaloblast, Arindel, and kojak747 for their weather mods and guides
Team Cathedral for some water textures and some snowflake textures
JayZ for the sky mesh
Cliffworms - SirJesto - SOT Team for a couple sound effects and for the original implementation idea.
L3st4t for the open source seasons script
jonnywang13 for pioneering open source cathedral modding
Omega2008 and L3st4t for providing their weather mods with open permissions
Much of Haze was based on their ideas.

Special Mentions
Special Credits to TreyM for permission to use the enbeffect.fx from CFL II

Very Special Credits to LonelyKitsune for permission to use the "Raindrops on camera" effect from his Silent Horizons ENB
Even more very special credits to LonelyKitsune for coding and providing the best snow cover shader for Skyrim SE

- Dynamic snow cover -
Even if this is an amazing shader, it can mess up transparent objects like the water.
If that bothers you, you can disable Prepass from the ENB menu* and dynamic snow cover will be turned off. 

- Raindrops on camera -
This is an ENB effect. It shows rain drops falling on the camera lens when it's raining.
The problem is, rain drops don't stop when you are under shade.
Even if minor, you can disable it by disabling the Lens from the ENB menu*.

- Bug Reports -
In the unfortunate situation where you have to report a bug, please add -if possible- the Weather ID and a screenshot of your issue.
If you are using the ENB, you can find the Weather ID from the ENB menu*. Click on "Show Weathers" and write down the current and outgoing weather IDs.
Thank you.

* To open the ENB Menu press Shift+Enter. Remember to "Save Configuration" if you want to make your changes permanent.

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~| demonstration of Dynamic Snow Cover |~