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Cosy cottage close to Half-Moon Mill.

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Half-Moon Cottage is a cosy home situated between Half-Moon Mill and the Alchemist's Camp. Facilities include alchemy, enchanting, smithing, sharpening, tempering, cooking, and woodcutting.

It consists of two floors connected with a stonework tower with a viewpoint at the top. There is a trapdoor next to the wood chopping block, leading to a cellar that contains the smithing stations. In the standard version, there are also chickens behind the house.

You'll have to get the key from Hern's house.

I recommend using mesh replacers, it really makes the house shine. But it's still nice with vanilla assets: see screenshots.

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It'snow compatible with Drengin's Half Moon Creek, make sure to download the correct version of this mod.

Definitely re-run DynDOLOD after installing this, since I disabled a tree/added a house that you might want to be able to see from a distance (although, with all the trees around, you could probably get away with not using DynDOLOD, as the house is still nicely visible from Half-Moon Mill without it).


As usual. As said above, consider re-running DynDOLOD after installing this if you use it.


1.4b - New version made specifically for use with Drengin's Half Moon Creek mod.
1.4 - Minor text fix.
1.3 - Navmesh fixes
1.2 - Fixed water seam nearby plus other minor adjustments.
1.1 - Deleted a stray static.


Thanks to /tesg/ for their help with testing
Edhildil for the ski and ski pole models
Lolicept Resources
Stroti's Ovens
Kelretu's Resources
New Beddings
Elianora's Extra Resources
Cyphe's Hanging Mage Satchels