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This mod adds certain requirements you must meet before you can recruit some of the possible followers of Interesting NPCs.

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Interesting Follower Requirements for Interesting NPCs

Am I the only one bothered that you can recruit Gorr, champion of the Imperial City Arena, after talking to him for 5 minutes? You're practically weaker than Hjoromir at level 1 right after Helgen, so why would he follow you at all? 

This is a problem that happens across many of the amazing Interesting NPCs followers. But not anymore! When talking to Interesting NPCs, you will only see the "I need your help, follow me" option when you meet certain criteria. 


These are 2 examples of the logic behind the mod. To see the full list of requirements for each follower clik the spoiler below. There are no spoilers regarding the quests, but there will be explanations regarding the personality of the NPCs, so avoid this if you are bothered by it.


Full list of Requirements for each follower*:

Version 2.0

- Column A, B or C must be true for them to follow you. I've prioritized speechcraft over other things because 1) this mod is all about talking lol 2) it's an underused skill 3) it makes sense as you can *convince* the NPC to follow you using your speechcraft


Version 1.0 - OLD
(This is only for version 1.X - Leaving it here in case you decide to use the older version)


Full list of followers that remain unchanged (as I think their conditions are interesting enough already).

Did I miss someone? Do you disagree with a condition or want me to implement another one? I'm all ears! :)

Compatibility, Improvements, Thanks
  • Compatible with everything. I haven't seen any mod that touches the quest of 3dnpc.
  • NFF and vanilla both work well out of the gate, I haven't tested any other follower manager mods.
    For vanilla (No EFF) keep in mind you will need to MEET the requirement + not have a companion for the "Follow me" option to show up.
  • I haven't personally met every character or seen every quest Interesting NPCs adds. The requirements I have established for those are just based on wiki research and what I think makes sense. I am completely open to tweaks and improvements.
  • Shoutout to the entire Interesting NPCs team for their awesome job in what is one of the best and most ambitious mods ever created for any game.

JS' Follower Realism Mods

This mod is one of three small mods that aim to increase the roleplaying aspect of having followers with you in Skyrim. Check out the other two if you're interested:

  • Follower Death and Injury Chance (Compatible with Interesting NPCs and NFF) - This mod will make you think twice before you use your followers as meat-shields. Each time they fall in battle, your follower has a chance to die or get wounded.
  • Interesting Follower Requirements - Affecting Interesting NPCs, it makes it so you must meet certain criteria before you can ask them to follow you. This is meant to help with the disconnect that a high level warrior would follow a nobody after a short conversation.
  • Dynamic Mercenary Fees - Depending on their level, your race and skills, the hirelings of Skyrim will ask more or less money for their services. 

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