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Rebecca is based on Rebecca Chambers from Resident Evil: Vendetta. I'm still honing my sculpting skills, so she's not perfect. You can call her Rebecca Anti-Chambers.

Permissions and credits
Rebecca was never intended to be a follower, and was created to see if I can get close to her Resident Evil looks. Then I made Vythica, and I really enjoyed the process and eventually seeing my girl on the Nexus. So here she is. I hope you like her.

Fair warning: She's quite powerful. The idea was to experiment with perks in the CK, and I may have perked her a little excessively.

EDIT: I uploaded an optional plugin that makes her less powerful. She'll rely more on her sword at lower levels, and I added a flame cloak spell. Copy and paste to replace the original plugin / install with manager and overwrite.

-  She levels with the player, and she's a fire freak. Very good at burning things. Now and then she'll use her sword, but she prefers to be an arsonist. 
-  Her weight is set to 50
-  You can marry her if you want but she'll probably burn your food.
-  She's wearing an outfit made up of parts from Ashara Princess of the Woods.
-  She has a sword called Rebecca's Swordbreaker.
-  She's located in the Sleeping Giant Inn (I know I know! It's full of followers! I'm working on a house for my two existing followers and any future ones. It's taking     longer than expected... life interferes with Skyrim time.)

-  She's standalone, so nothing else is needed.
ESP-FE, for the plugin-limit challenged.
-  High Poly Head. 
-  CBBE Body.
-  Bijin 4K "Wet" skin.

Manual or with your Mod Manager. Remember to activate the plugin if you install manually.

None that I'm aware of. Please let me know if she freaks out on you. I'll fix what I can.

Bodyslide and Outfit Studio and CBBE
Bijin Skin
Sakora Makeup Kit
High Poly Head
Ashara Princess of the Woods

Mods used in Screenshots:

Silent Horizon ENB, GomaPeroLand, Aether Suite, Vtaw's Wardrobe 5

If you like her, please endorse her, it makes my day a little better to see that number climb :)