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Weapons Pack and (optional) new blacksmith NPC and shop

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This is a bundle of all the weapon mods (plus the Scarecrow Masks) I've released so far.
The full version features Hrodeberht the blacksmith in his shop near Morthal. He sells all of my stuff plus standard blacksmith merchandise. All items are craftable as well. He now also sells a Hrodeberht's-Forge-brand shield and blacksmith-hammer (weapon).
The light version includes just the craftable items (and is flagged esl).


-Atmoran Migration Period Sword
-Spathion (original version, desaturated textures can be found on the mods site)
-Gilling Sword
-Reachmen Noble Sword
-Langeid Broadaxe
-Langeid Sword (2K, can be overwritten with the 4K textures found on the mods own site)
-The Dovahkiin's Langseax
-Furious Granny's Arsenal
-Hrodeberht sword
-Type XVI sword
-Dragon School Witcher Sword (steel version only, the other one is just too unfinished)
-(Not-so-)Little Thwacker
-Dragon Scimitars
-Roman Reman (polished version - can be overwritten with the weathered version from the mods site (use only the textures, not the esp))
-Leaf Blades
-The Messer
-Ancient Bronze and Iron Sword
-Scarecrow Hoods

Decided to NOT directly include Painted Shields, since it's a pack of it's own, and will grow in the future. I provided an integration patch (esl), that adds the shields to Hrodeberht's vendor list (with the exception of the Dawnguard shield, wouldn't make sense).


-BIG thank you to fattyzhouse for pointing out, and fixing, my amateurish navmesh edits
-For the assets used in the featured mods, please see their respective mod sites
-Bella for the logo, and occasional PS work
-Koveich for the Sovngarde font


Only conflicts I can think of, are mods that edit the exterior cell that contains the cave entry. Only conflict in my current load order is Realistic Water 2, for which I included a patch.

Q: Why is the guy a vampire/Why does he wear that hood
A: You'll find a journal in his shop that explains everything

Q: I can't find him in the cave
A: He sleeps 8h in his coffin each day. It can be a liitle hard to see, but it's there. Just wake him, he sells and buys 24/7.

Q: I'm a vampire hunter, can I kill him and his hound?
A: Yes, they are not essential, just protected. And they attack Dawnguard members on sight.

Q: Will this be updated, when you release new weapons?
A: Yes

Q: What about leveled list integration or a replacer version?
A: Might do those in the future. First I need to figure out how the weapons would fit best into the world.

Q: ESL for the full version?
A: Possible, since no other esl overwrites the added interior cell. Facegen data would need to be reexported if you choose to compact the esp yourself. I won't do that while I'm still actively updating the mod.