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Modifies select radiant quests so that they don't send you to locations with dangerous enemies until your level is high enough. Configurable by MCM.

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  • Italian
This mod allows you to configure radiant quests to avoid sending you to certain dungeon types if your character level is too low. For example, this can prevent you from being sent to fight dangerous Falmer at the beginning of the game when your character would struggle to defeat them.

The following quests will restrict their possible dungeon types based on your character level and the MCM settings:
  • Trouble in Skyrim (CR05)
  • Family Heirloom (CR06)
  • Rescue Mission (CR08)
  • Dungeon Delving (Caves) (Favor205)
  • Dead Treasure Hunter with instructions (WE100)
  • Lost Relic (DLC1RH08)
  • Ancient Power (DLC1RV05)
  • Wind and Sand (DLC2TTR3b)
  • Azra's Staffs (DLC2TTR7)

In addition, these quests have been modified:
  • Trouble in Skyrim (CR05) - Can now send you to Giant camps if your level is high enough
  • Dungeon Delving (Jarl - Hagravens) (Favor157) - Minimum level follows Hagraven setting in MCM

Profiles (requires JContainers)
You can save your settings as profiles that can be accessed across savegames. These can by found under My Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition\JCUser\RadiantRequirements. To make a profile your default, manually move it from there to Data\RadiantRequirements.json. The values in that file will be treated as defaults in the MCM.