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Restores the Chapel of Auriel and the Inner Sanctum in the Forgotten Vale

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Finally. This day has come. And the Chapel of Auri-El lives again!

This mod restores the long-abandoned Inner Sanctum as well as Auri-El's Chapel completely destoyed after the "Touching the Sky" Quest". It also adds several new NPCs (each with their own schedule) to populate and bring life to the immense chapel.

This mod doesn't make Gelebor a follower nor does it give him a new schedule. This guy will continue to hang out on the balcony for the moment... This was done on purpose to make this mod compatibe with other mods that add this function.

I highly recommend using Remove Interior Fog mod created by rgabriel15 and ported to SE by LoD7995. It allows you see farer in the inner sanctum without the blue tint and overall adds a nicer atmosphere to the interiors.


This mod must be installed only after finishing “Touching the sky” quest. - Fixed in version 1.1, now the quest will start after you finish "Touching the Sky" quest. Next time you fast travel and visit a new cell the courier will deliver you a note and this will start a very small quest.
You can install this mod manually by copying the contents of the archive's Data folder into your Skyrim/Data folder or by using a mod manager of your choice.


Simple deleting of this mod before or after finishing its little quest will result in whole Chapel and other exterior parts disappearing. You will no longer be able to enter the Inner Sanctum without console commands. The game however stays playable and your save file should not be broken but that’s still not what we want.
TO PREVENT THIS, this mod has a lever (see the screenshots to find it) which reverts the changes made by this mod to the structures in the Forgotten Vale. When you want to remove the mod, just activate the lever and then proceed to deactivating the mod in your mod organiser or launcher.
DO NOT activate the lever otherwise (if you do not plan on deleting the mod) as this cannot be undone and you will have to use an earlier save file!

This mod was cleaned using SSEdit.

1. Clipping in the walls/floors of the restored balcony area: nothing I can do here, it's the way the new mesh parts of the chapel were originally created by cad435.
2. Invisible wall in the restored chantry, in the portal area: unfortunately I have no idea what this is. I've tried a lot of things and nothing worked.I think it has something to do with Vyrthur's "shield" - a barrier he has when we fight him.
3. The secret room available via paragon teleporting isn't restored: it was intentional. I've put an ice wall behind the windows to hide the inside part as it basically teleports you back to the vanilla interior.
4. Dark faces on NPCs: should be already fixed. If you still experience it, try one of these fixes.