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This mod lets you marry Viarmo, the Altmeri headmaster of the Bard's College and acquire ownership of his bed afterwards. Comes with versions that are made compatible with some other mods.

Permissions and credits
This is a simple plugin that I made, which lets you marry Viarmo of The Bard's College in Solitude after completing the Tending the Flames quest. I made this mainly because I am aware that there are no male Altmer NPCs in the game that are marriagable, still Viarmo's voicetype is compatible with the marriage framework. I also really like Viarmo as a character, considering he's got quite the sassy but also warm and welcoming attitude, far more different from those big-headed Thalmor. Besides, who wouldn't want another spouse candidate who is voiced by the same actor as the funny man Belethor, or Nick Valentine from Fallout 4?

I archived the compatibility patches for now. If you're using another mod that makes edits to him (such as Become A Bard/Bards Reborn and/or cosmetic NPC overhaul mods, use this xEdit script.

These plugins are ESL-flagged. And this mod will probably work best on new games.

Let me know if anyone knows more mods I should make compatible with this, like cosmetic ones for instance...
And also let me know if you encounter any issues.

And at last, check out my other mod Animated Wedding Scene! I can recommend the new USSEP-based version if you choose to live with Viarmo at the College so he won't get lost...

Manual installation:
Download one of the files based on which mods you already have, extract the "data" folder to your Skyrim SE folder (like "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition") and enable the plugin MarryViarmo.esp in a mod manager of your choice... I personally use Wrye Bash.