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Delays the various rewards and quests in Legacy of the Dragonborn to higher display count numbers.

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There are over 1900 displays available just in base Legacy of the Dragonborn, and if you're like me, you can get at least 100 straight out of Riverwood. That makes the pacing of the mod seem a bit fast, as Auryen gives you a new relic or quest just about every day until you hit 550 when it ends.

This mod aims to cater to those of us who run larger load orders with a bunch of supported mods and can therefore reach high display counts much more quickly and would prefer to... savor the Legacy experience rather than rushing it. The endpoint for this mod is 1350 displays, well within the confines of only using Legacy, but a lot more spread out.

Below is a list of quests and their old/new display counts (spoilered in case you haven't played through the whole thing):


  • [Old Display Count/New Display Count] Quest
  • [50/100] Adding to the Collection (Skullcrusher)
  • [75/200] It Belongs in a Museum
  • [100/300] Adding to the Collection (Thornblade)
  • [300/300] Night at the Museum
  • [150/400] Adding to the Collection (Cleaver of St. Felms)
  • [200/500] Adding to the Collection (Eidolon's Ward)
  • [250/600] Adding to the Collection (Gravedigger)
  • [400/600] Shadows of One's Past
  • [300/700] Adding to the Collection (Scourge)
  • [350/800] Adding to the Collection (Stendarr's Hammer)
  • [400/900] Adding to the Collection (Trueflame)
  • [450/1000] Adding to the Collection (Staff of Hasedoki)
  • [500/1100] Adding to the Collection (Hopesfire)
  • [550/1200] Adding to the Collection (Sword of Ancient Tongues)/Shattered Legacy
  • [150/150] A Room With a View/Digging Up Explorers
  • [150/350] Branching Out
  • [150/550] Branching out... Again
  • [150/750] Branching out... Ever more
  • [400/950] The Excavation of Windcaller Pass
  • [400/1150] The Excavation of the Ruins of Rkund
  • [400/1350] The Visage/The Trial of Trinimac

Large Warning: Start a new game. No seriously, start one. This means you. And you, and yes, even you. Don't monkey with your load order mid-game. (And if you're not hitting the "new" button, you're mid-game.)

Small Warning: Due to this mod delaying things a bit, you may feel you are overleveled for the quests you're given. The solution to this is to be better at finding artifacts.

Thanks to Icecreamassassin and the Legacy team for Legacy of the Dragonborn. Extra thanks to Picky for holding my hand while I made this. Thanks to Ic0nic0de for being faster than me with scripts.