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Changes the facial appearance and also the manly walk of Lydia, the housecarl of whiterun, to a feminine one!

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This mod was requested by "my inner self"!

and more...mod installed, you can now enjoy Lydia with her testosteron-level lowered to
the point that she walks like a Lady again! This treatment also comes with the sideeffect,
that she also looks way more attractive than before, while still carriing your burden and
kicking ass like a furious Rhino - literaly like she did before! Ok, seriously, all this mod does
is changing Lydia's face and her manly walk to a feminin one!

My other "Lydia-Mod" is also still available and can be downloaded here


If you want Lydia to look like in the screenshots, make sure you
installed the following mods in the following order:

Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE- by Ousnius and Caliente

- SG Female Textures Renewal -CBBE by Hello Santa and Shiva182

I hope you enjoy this mod and if you do i wouldn't complain if you rate it with an endorsement, thanks in advance!


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